There is a huge number of natural remedies for controlling high blood pressure. They all have some sort of effect level for every individual person, but we’ve found that there are a few that help more than others. Here are a few of the top natural remedies for controlling your high blood pressure:

Drink the Right Water

We all know that drinking water is the healthiest and cleanest thing that you can do for your body. But that doesn’t mean that all water is created equal. In particular, you should focus on finding and drinking water which has been through a reverse osmosis process. This is to ensure that you are drinking the highest quality water possible for your body. There are some water companies who know that their filters and water are the best for a natural remedy, and at the top of that list is Brita. Brita reverse osmosis filter system is the best investment you can make for your family and yourself.

Lemons and Vitamin C

Citrus fruit like lemons are packed with antioxidants and nutrients which affect our bodies greatly. Studies have shown that people who eat more lemon, or consume more vitamin C, have a large list of benefits. Some of these benefits include decreasing inflammation in your muscles, as well as directly reducing high blood pressure. Lemons can help control high blood pressure because their nutrients relieve the stiffness in your veins and arteries, while at the same time encouraging more and significant blood flow to the areas you need it the most.

Move More

We all know that we should move more. It’s difficult to find the motivation or the time to apply ourselves to exercise, but it is one of the best natural remedies too a lot of diseases, including high blood pressure. The increase in movement has shown to help open pathways which improve blood flow. It also calls on your body to use more of its ability, meaning that your muscles, although tired after working out, have aided you in applying more oxygen to your blood stream. If you are overweight, then moving will also lower your total body weight, which means your body will work less to provide significant blood to keep you alive, and that will also lower your blood pressure.


It’s important to move more for your bodily health, but it is also important to have mental stress relief. There have been studies focused on the relation between high stress environments and high blood pressures, and they are intrinsically related (although high blood pressure can come from other sources as well). So, we recommend taking time to let yourself relax. This can include meditation or yoga or any other light-activity. We wouldn’t recommend static relaxation, because this can put further stress on your body—light movement is key.

Eat the Right Things

Any supporter of natural remedies will tell you that you should be eating good, healthy herbs and foods to control your diagnosis. Some of the best advice is lowering your sodium intake, while upping your potassium intakes. You want to consider eating herbs like chia seeds, celery seeds, and garlic. Also eat fruits like citruses or watermelon. Of course, we would also suggest a balanced diet in addition to these changes. All of these foods impact your body positively and encourage blood flow and open pathways.

Lessen Your Caffeine

I hate to say it, but if you have high blood pressure, you need to cut out, or greatly control your caffeine intake. Caffeine works by constricting veins, making your body work faster and harder—which to us, feels like energy surges. In reality, when we do this consistently, our body begins to encourage more of it and that is why we get caffeine addictions. These sorts of body effects are okay for some people but can be detrimental to the person with high blood pressure. We suggest that if you cannot fully cut out caffeine, then you limit yourself to one cup a day. And that is all that anyone really needs.

Get Support

High blood pressure is a very common disease in our country. Even so, there can still be stigma attached to it and surrounding it, since it is a disease. Finding support for yourself can be the difference of getting rid of the diagnosis and needing to go on medication. There are support groups for diets, exercising, or relaxing too. The best way to control your diagnosis is by getting help, and there are people out there who want to help.