high blood pressure

High blood pressure is one of the banes of modern society today, as it happens due to dietary choices and so much more out there. In many cases it is up to us to make a difference and to save ourselves from complications and the risk of an untimely death.

Just like your place requires house cleaning, carpet cleaning and so forth, your body also requires cleaning as well. The following examples will point out homemade remedies for this that would give you a chance to make this work:

Using lemons

Lemons can help keep blood vessels pliable and soft, removing any rigidity in the process. In addition to this you can lower your chance of heart failure by simply consuming lemon juice on a regular basis due to its high vitamin C content.

Vitamin C is also a known antioxidant so it helps reduce the harmful effects of free radicals as well. Drink a cup of warm water with some lemon juice added to it each morning on an empty stomach and without any sugar or salt.

Using watermelon seeds

Watermelon seeds contain cucurbocitrin, which will help widen your blood capillaries. At the same time it will also help improve your kidney function as well.

This will help to reduce your blood pressure levels as well and it will help you with arthritis. You can grind equal quantities of dried watermelon seeds and some poppy seeds. You can take one teaspoon worth of it in the morning on an empty stomach and one more in the evenings.

You can add two teaspoons of crushed and dried watermelon seeds to one cup of boiled water, steeping it for an hour and straining it. You can take four tablespoons worth of this at regular intervals as your day goes on. This should help with cleaning your body of toxins.

Using garlic

garlicSeveral studies have proven that garlic has a lowering effect on the blood pressure, with both raw and cooked garlic lowering cholesterol levels. Garlic helps relax your blood vessels by stimulating the production of hydrogen sulfide and nitric oxide in the body.

You can eat one or two garlic cloves each day for that purpose, simply consuming it with some of your food. The consuming o garlic cloves helps create hydrogen sulfide, a compound that helps promote blood flow, removing gas and reducing pressure on your heart.

Using bananas

bananasBananas are one great fruit people with higher blood pressure can still eat on a regular basis to control it. Bananas are also rich in potassium, which will lessen the effects of sodium in the body. Try to eat a banana or two a day, along with other fruit such as raisins, oranges, apricots, zucchini, spinach, cantaloupe, winter squash, baked sweet potatoes and more.

A good fruit salad can be another wonderful addition to your daily diet, letting you enjoy a good meal while at the same time keeping your blood pressure low in the process, cleaning your body of toxins.

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