How to Lose Weight in a Safe and Healthy Way?

Fat can be harmful to your body in many ways. The fat that is usually accumulated in the body is known as trans-fat. They are different from the primary, secondary and essential fats, which can be easily broken and assimilated. Trans-fat can increase blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


Excess fat means that you are having more fat in your body than required and your Basal Metabolic index (BMI) is low. The ideal condition is when your body weight is as per the Basal metabolic index chart. The standards have been laid down by the medical institutes. It varies from person to person, age, sex and height.

What is raspberry ketone?

It is a natural ingredient, which is bio-chemically derived from a red fruit. It contains 76 percent of citric acid, which helps you to lose weight. Raspberry Ketone for weight loss is completely safe and you can also use it to maintain your weight.

Tips to lose weight healthily with raspberry ketone –

If you are a novice in weight loss program then you surely need some tips that are to be considered before starting with your healthy weight loss program.

Some useful tips are listed below:

  • The first tip for every weight loss program is to drink plenty of water, at least 6 to 8 glass, every day. Water flushes out the toxins from your body. Raspberry ketone is water soluble and you can get maximum results, if you drink good amount of water.
  • Only diet and no exercise are not at all helpful for healthy weight loss. Therefore, you should exercise while dieting. Go for cardio exercise like cycling, running and walking.
  • You should take some proper sleep for at least 8 hours at night.
  • Before going to office make your own meals and carry it with you in a lunch box. You can go for easy meals like salads and egg whites.
  • Instead of having 3 large meals you should have 6 small meals a day. It is always better to eat early and eat often when it comes to the matter of healthy weight loss. The regularization power reduces with the day. It is least at night. Therefore, do not over stuff yourself at night. Try to eat between 7 to 8 pm.

Seven principles to weight loss with raspberry ketone –

Balance: You should have a balanced diet for your weight loss program. Do not go for processed, junk, fast and comfort foods.

Nutrient Timing: In morning our body demands high caloric food, but as time passes the calories are stored in our body as fats. Therefore, maintain your calorie counting.

Self-monitoring:  it has been proved that if you pay attention to whatever food you eat then it is the most effective way to reduce the intake of calories. Eat in small amounts.

Selective restrictions: Impose some restrictions over some foods with lots of calories and fat. Read the information guide before eating anything.

Consistency: You should maintain your diet chart for everyday and should not overlook this aspect at any cost.

Motivation: Get motivated by your family, friends or yourself so as to accomplish the goal.

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