Many of us suffer from aches and pains, some which are chronic or some that occur due to stress. The pain level varies and the intensity of the pain also depends on the threshold of pain that one can tolerate. How you deal with it or how you treat it is basically pain management.

Like some may go for medications, massages, opt for yoga or exercises, acupressure, or use pain management devices like the Tens unit. These devices are small and portable gadgets that can be carried around easily.

They can easily fit in one’s hand bag or laptop bag. These handy devices send short electrical signals at the specific area to cure pain. These electrical signals are harmless and send all the way through sticky patches that can be easily put on the skin and affects the nerves in a positive way.

All about the TENS Unit

The TENS Unit, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Simulation is used for treating pain by sending in low voltages of current. This is a battery operated device which is connected to two electrodes which are strapped onto the waist. The current is passed onto the region of pain. Read through the tens unit reviews to know more.

How does it help to relieve pain?

The current passed through the skin will stimulate nerves and numb the sensation of pain. Though research doesn’t back this theory and says it may just be a placebo effect. It is set for supplying different wavelengths of frequencies to the area it has to by adjusting the device. Your physiotherapist will suggest the wavelength required to suit your pain management.

What all could be treated by using TENS?

It can be used in muscle pains, joint pains, back pain, tendinitis. It has been used to control labour pain or acute pain in cancer patients.

When not to use TENS?

This unit should not be used while driving; it should not be used for long hours. There are also chances of rashes or burns developing. It should never be used in the shower or in the bath tub. It should also not be used with heating or cold packs. It is dangerous to use TENS while sleeping, when you are pregnant or have a pacemaker.

Is it safe to use TENS?

TENS doesn’t not hurt and is not painful if you use it carefully and the guidance given by your doctor. If precautions are well taken and doctor will show you how to use by yourself and which wavelength of intensity should not exceed.

The types of TENS units

Combination: This is the most popular type, it not only relieves pain but helps in muscle building.

Handheld: Tens units are portable in nature and can be carried anywhere, in your pocket too.

Mini: This is the weakest type of TENS unit and it is a noteworthy feature. Also, it is the smallest of all the three mentioned above.

According to your pain, the doctor may suggest you the best tens unit. It is also important that it’s your budget that will ultimately judge which one you want to buy.

How effective is TENS in pain management?

TENS acts like a pain killer, but a pain killer takes time for pain relief unlike TENS which has immediate effect on the affected area. Though the painkiller works on the whole body, TENS reach is only the area it has been used on.
It has been used for relieving of menstrual cramps, injuries or pain after a surgery, it even provides muscle relaxation.

Why we should use TENS?

It is quite effective for short term relief, with minimal side effects. TENS is recommended by many doctors for pain relief. The device itself is not a complicated one. There are a large number of brands with various functionalities.

The use of TENS is growing day by day as people are bogged with various pains in the neck, arms, legs etc. Due to the hectic lifestyles many pains in the body occur and some may look like niggling pain initially but if neglected may turn out be whole new problem of unbearable pain which affects the normal life of a person.