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What is a Jet Injector?

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A jet injector is a kind of syringe, and it is used for high pressure injection. The device uses liquid and not the hypodermic needle which other methods use and it penetrates the epidermis. This device is powered by gas or compressed air.

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Furthermore, it is administered through a pressure hose of a huge cylinder. Moreover, it can be administered through an in built gas cartridge. This innovative injecting device is useful in mass vaccination. It was first used as an alternative syringe for diabetic patients. It replaces needle syringe for the insulin injection.

Apart from the health industry, the technology was evolved for the injection of fluid or grease to engines in factories and so on. Since its discovery, it is now widely used in the health sector. It is no longer restricted to insulin administration.

Types of jet injector

There two kinds of jet injector. It is common for some people to refer to it as pneumatic injector, or air gun, as well as jet gun injector. It appears in two types and this includes the single dose and multiple dose injectors.

Single dose means that it can be used for a one purpose injection, while multiple dose means that it can be used many times. The device has undergone different modifications, or improvements over the years to deal with some of the risk factors associated with it.

The jet injector is general available in three parts and these include the disposable part, which is the injector nozzle, the second part include the delivery device, which is shaped like a pen while the third part is the disposable vial adapter.

The injector is simple to use. All you need do is to fill the adapter with the injection or the insulin for diabetic patients. When loaded, set the gauge according to the dosage. The device is administered to the skin.

Usually, it is administered through the fatty tissue. Furthermore, it can be administered through the stomach, in the thigh, and other parts of the body, especially the buttocks and so on.

When you apply it, the liquid forces its way through the high pressure stream to the tiny hole until it penetrates the body. The liquid can change to vapor, and it moves through the skin outer layer to the lower layers and your bloodstream.

Compressed springs are often used for this medication because of the benefits. They are small and lightweight. Furthermore, they are inexpensive and durable. When compress gas cartridges are used, they are better because they contain carbon dioxide or nitrogen.

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Because of that, they can produce more pressure when compared to compressed springs. However, they are more expensive. In addition to that, you use to replace them very often.

Are there any risks associated with jet injector?

There are a few risks associated with jet injector. Most of these risks are avoidable if you apply it the correct way. Furthermore, if you take good care of that device, you can reduce the risk. The major risk of using the method is the incorrect dosage.

It is good that you apply the correct amount of medication. If they are not properly applied, chances are there that some of the liquid may not find its way to the bloodstream.

This is worrisome because you may not get enough medication to stay healthy. For diabetic patients it means that the body would not get the sufficient insulin to control the blood sugar.

Furthermore, you need to take proper care of the jet injector. If you do not take good care of it, the danger is that it could deliver the wrong quantity of medication, which your body needs. To avoid that, ensure that the injector is in perfect condition.

Is there any pain or skin damage?

One of the good things about this medication method is that it does not use needle. That does not mean that it does not cause pain. Chances are there that it can cause problem.

For instance, it can lead to bruising or bleeding at the area the injection is administered. It can even hurt more than needle and pen.

Furthermore, there is the fear of infection. However, it can be taken care of if you take good care of that device. Because of that, it is recommended that you sterilize it before you use it. If you do not, then chances are that you can contact some infections.

Despite these few challenges, there are lots of benefits of using jet injector. The major benefit is faster delivery of liquid to all parts of the body. It ensures that medication moves to all parts of the body faster than needle method.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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