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Healing the Masses Through Massage Therapy


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It is good to see that Americans are exercising in ever-larger numbers. For the massage therapy industry, it’s even better to know that many of those workout fanatics are in search of massages after their sessions.


They are realizing that a massage isn’t just a nice little bonus after a stressful time or to ease an aching old injury. Instead, they are utilizing massage as a method of working off the after effects of workouts. With the growing popularity of extreme workouts with shorter durations and higher intensities, these evening exercisers are showing up for work tied in a knot the next day.

When they’ve done all they can to prevent pain but they’re still aching from last night’s leg workout, their next phone call would be to you…if they had time for a rubdown prior to tonight’s upper body session. In time, they may decide the lingering pain is too much and abandon their exercise program altogether, thinking that as long as they maintain a healthy weight, they’re okay.

However, the evidence shows that this attitude is wrong. The best thing to do is to continue with the exercise, but to find a sustainable method for counteracting the pain. And that’s where you can create a great opportunity for yourself.

Meeting these folks at their workplace for a session over their lunch hour or during a mid afternoon break can relieve them of their day-after suffering and keep them on track with a beneficial exercise program. And if you can assemble a critical mass of customers within a reasonable traveling area, your car can become your new salon for a long-term success story.

How can you build up that customer base to make sure you’re not driving all over the city during the time you should be seeing clients? Here are two strategies that can make it worth your while to purchase a portable massage chair and make house calls.

Find The Exercising Workplace

One of the most common reasons people pick up an exercise program is the recommendation of a co-worker. Once you’ve tracked down a few people who have either given or taken that suggestion, pass them your business cards and a coupon or promise of a discount for new clients drawn from their workplace.

Repeat the process with those new faces until you have an afternoon’s worth of work in a single office building. Many employers have gyms where you can find space to set up, or at least have wellness programs that would green-light you to utilize an unoccupied conference room.

Find The Exercising Place

Gyms are often just like schools or restaurants. They have a neighborhood connection that determines who comes through their doors. Stop by gyms in various areas of your city and check out patterns of their customers.

Do you see groups of people arriving together? They may be co-workers who’ve driven over after work and would love a massage the next day after their healthy lunch. When you see fish in a barrel, be sure to shoot them!


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