Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Launched last year in the US, the Fitbit Alta is a fitness tracker designed for the stylish and fashion-conscious users. The tracker comes with various custom accessories designed to meet the unique needs of users.

A perfect gadget for women, the Fitbit Alta is very much customizable and available in a range of finishes to match various outfits. Whether you are a professional or novice in the fitness arena, this gadget is perfect for your fitness tracking needs.

Design and Style

Available in the form of a wristband, the fitness tracker is given various finishes to suit the different styles and tastes of different users. The finishes ranges from metal-looks and leather to quick-release colored bands that make the gadget appear more like jewelry than the functional accessory it is.

The Fitbit Alta fitness tracker is available in two models, namely: Luxe and Classic. The more premium model, Luxe model, comprise of trackers made of graphite leather, pink leather and stainless steel. Classic models, on the other hand, which are the cheaper option, comprise of blue, black, teal and plumb fitness trackers.

The Alta fitness tracker comes in a number of sizes, ranging from 14 – 17cm and 17 – 20.6cm to 20.6cm – 23.6cm; this ensures that the wristband can fit on varying wrist sizes of users. The gadget is also 15mm in width.

Tracking Activity

The Fitbit Alta fitness tracker is designed to track distance, steps, burned calories and active time in minutes; this is possible because of the gadget’s 3-axis accelerometer feature.

Designed to use Fitbit’s SmartTrack technology, the Alta tracker automatically detects certain activities performed by the user. The detected activities are usually added into the Fitbit application as workouts accomplished by the user.

With mini step goals set at 250 on the maximum end, the gadget is also designed to track sleep, and remind the user to attain the set target every hour.

Since Fitbit focuses on the tracking market of casual lifestyle, its Alta product neither has an optical heart rate monitor nor GPS features.

Notifications and Display

This Fitbit fitness tracker is designed with an OLED display that is activated by taps. Moreover, the tracker runs an app that is not just easy to use and friendly, but designed for beginners.

Other than the tracking ability of the gadget, its display is designed to show notifications of texts, calls and even calendar alerts. The fitness tracker also notifies the user every time the set goals are achieved, in the form of a message.

Other Features

Except for the variations with a leather finish, the fitness tracker is resistant to rain, sweat and splash, or any form of fluid. The gadget’s battery life is approximately 5 days and 5 nights, before a recharge.

Moreover, the app is compatible with android, iPhone and Windows mobile operating systems; it can be connected to these devices through Bluetooth 4.0.

Clocks and silent alarms are also featured within the app. The wristbands, which are bought separately, allow the tracker to have a new look or style, matching the user’s specific occasion.

Release Date and Price

Released in March 2015, the Alta tracker band accessory trades at $29.95 for the classic bands; $59.95 for the premium graphite and blush pink leather bands; and $129.95 for the hand-polished silver bangle, given a stainless steel finish. Later this year, 2016, a shiny gold bangle finish will be unveiled.

Furthermore, its stylish nature ensures that it can be worn for all occasions. The Fitbit Alta fitness tracker is not just the key to attaining your fitness goals, but also a perfect way for you to log food, sync wirelessly to other devices, and explore chosen trends, track workouts and even link up with friends and family. Buy now on Amazon