Tooth Problems

You should brush properly or else you might just face a few serious dental problems! Now you certainly wouldn’t like being laughed at for having bad teeth? Many people often hesitate to smile just because their unruly teeth might hamper that smile.

A modern household in Aurora often consists of hearty edibles, fruit juices, and perhaps a little bit of junk food and the occasional ‘bad habits’ that can definitely have an impact on our health and lives.

Poor eating habits and an irregular system of oral hygiene can often lead to several periodontal disorders. Even a mouth spray can prevent bad breath, however the effects of unhealthy teeth on your gums can often become chronic.

Why Do We Have Tooth Problems?

  • Either not brushing at all or brushing for too less a time can often lead to bad teeth.
  • Brushing in the wrong way can often leave bacterial germs untouched and attached to the teeth.
  • Brushing once a day or brushing after a few days can hamper gums and cause infections.
  • Not changing the brush every month can often lead to bad teeth since the brush becomes ineffective in its usage.
  • Using the wrong kind of toothpaste is another consequence which may result in unhealthy teeth and foul breath.
  • Bad teeth can often arise due to constant smoking which stores the nicotine inside the gums.
  • Drinking can dampen the color of your teeth as well as drugs which severely cause infections and deteriorate the gums.
  • Brushing too hard can damage the gums instead of cleaning the teeth.
  • Irregular flossing can result in bad teeth.

Problems Associated with Unhealthy Teeth

  • Constant migraines can be a common consequence of unhealthy teeth. It causes pain which travels from the jaw into the ear and finally onto the scalp.
  • Throat infections are also a common occurrence predominantly due to bad teeth since the bacteria thriving within the infected gums can increase and pass into the throat.
  • The stomach might get affected due to bad teeth since improper dental hygiene can easily lead unwanted bacterial or viral infections that get mixed with the saliva and travels into the intestines.
  • The teeth lose their color and shine, grow stains and often result in an unattractive smile therefore it is important to visit an expert dentist in Aurora, CO.

Unhealthy teeth often cause a range of periodontal problems like –

  • Bad breath is one of the first and foremost symptoms of unhealthy teeth caused due to infected cavities, oral cancer or bacteria on the tongue. This dental problem also known as halitosis is a condition that can become chronic if not treated in time.
  • Tooth decay is the second most prevalent household symptom that occurs when plaque forms on the teeth and combines with starch consumed during meals. It leads to an acid formation on the enamel that causes tooth decay.
  • Mouth sores, another common dwelling can be very bothersome that can often cause a lot of pain. Sometimes infections that occur because of wisdom tooth can also lead to sores. This can form cysts and swellings especially if the teeth aren’t cleaned properly and regularly.
  • Periodontal disease can often cause difficulty in swallowing food, bad breath accompanied with fever and gingivitis. It can lead to tooth loss in adults although it can be associated with liver or kidney problems.
  • Toothache that can be a consequence of erosion or oral cancer is quite a common symptom that arises because of unhealthy teeth. Tooth sensitivity leads to discomfort while eating takes place due to improper flossing.