Using hair colours and dyes is nowadays very common amongst women who want to improve their appearance. However, not all hair colours are created equal.

Some hair colours and dyes contain toxic chemicals which are harmful to the body. If an immediate reaction in the body to a chemical is not felt, that does not mean that the chemical is not harming the body.

Some chemicals can build up in the body over a long period of time, eventually acting as a catalyst in the formation of diseases like cancer. It may also lead to infertility and other side-effects. This is why it is necessary to take the utmost care when using hair colour and dyes.

Unlike many other products, hair colour is not regulated and does not need to conform with safety norms. The burden of researching whether a hair colour is safe or not falls on the user.

It has been estimated that a large majority of hair colours contain toxic ingredients and are too unsafe to use. These hair colours contain chemicals which may cause cancer, reproductive and developmental toxicity, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity and allergies.

Research has shown that the longer a hair colour lasts, the more likely it is to be toxic. Hair colours which last for relatively shorter periods of time are comparatively less toxic. Dark colours may be more toxic than lighter shades.

Vegetable dyes, hennas, herbal dyes and food based colours possess the least amount of toxins and leave behind healthy hair. Hair colours which are herb based, and don’t contain peroxide, ammonia, pesticides, heavy chemicals are amongst the safest.

Herbal hair colours are considered by many to be the ideal option for colouring the hair.
In order to facilitate optimal use they can be mixed together with some Wheatgerm oil and Avocado oil; this provides some extra shine and conditioning.

Herbal non toxic hair colours are 100% chemical free and help in the removal of toxins in the hair. It helps to boost hair growth while being composed of all natural ingredients. It can also treat dandruff and improve scalp health; it can soothe the scalp and rejuvenate it.

When using any hair colour there are trade-offs involved; this is why it is important to take care of the hair by sticking to and using only herbal toxin free hair colour in order to minimise damage to the hair.

Knowing what ingredients are included in the hair colour is necessary to determine whether it is harmful or not. Being aware of the risks involved is necessary to take a fully informed decision.