Blue Eyeshadow

For many years, blue and green eyeshadow was considered a fashion mishap, rather than a fashion hit.

People who wore these color eyeshadows, especially the blue, were made fun of and put on the cover of magazines as the ‘fashion police’ cracked down on those who dared to make such a fashion mistake.

In fact, there is actually a book entitled “Blue Eyeshadow Should Be Illegal”, by Paula Bergon. Now, it is considered to be a fashion ‘do’ rather than a fashion ‘don’t.’

There are different hues depending on eye color that is appropriate for wearing a blue colored eyeshadow. There is a myth that eyeshadow should match the color of your eyes.

This myth has caused many people to walk away embarrassed and looking almost clownish. Bluish eyeshadow for blue eyes is something that’s not really popular.

When choosing an eyeshadow, blue eyes are generally brought out more with a warm brown, warm taupe or soft peach color. If you are a person with brown eyes, you can wear any color eyeshadow, including the elusive dark blue eyeshadow.

When applying blue eyeshadow makeup, you want to be sure that you keep things even. You don’t want to make it crooked, too dark, or apply it to the wrong areas of the eyelid.

You can ask an expert or read about how to apply blue eyeshadow. Another great way you can learn the best techniques is to go on Youtube and look for makeup tutorial videos. There are dozens of people on there who will show you step by step to put on just about anything to do with makeup.

In generally, when applying, remember to blend your makeup so that it doesn’t stand out in a bad way.

Choose shadows that make your eyes more noticeable. Do not apply deep colors to your brow line. This makes your look overdone. Dark eyeshadow should only be blended at the outer edge of your eye.

There are so many other tips that can help you to apply your eyeshadow correctly so that positive attention is drawn to you. You have to also remember that the entire look needs to go together.

You don’t want to put on a dark blue shadow and then wear a bright orange lipstick. This would not blend well and would compromise your entire look.

When deciding that blue eyeshadow is right for you, keep in mind that it used to be a fashion mess. If you apply it nicely and wear it as it is meant to be worn, it is possible to pull off a stunning look.

If you don’t, you will end up being the next victim of the ‘fashion police.’