Red Eyeshadow

Many women are well-known for choosing a bold look when applying their makeup. While it seems that red eyeshadow would wash a person out, there are actually several ways to make it look great.

Depending on the look you want, this can be a fashion forward experience. If you follow some very simple techniques, you will not look like you have just stepped out of a horror movie.

If you are just staring out, then the first thing you can do is to look for some red eyeshadow tutorial that teaches you techniques step by step. Many of these tutorials are done by professionals so don’t write them off as second rate just because you find them on Youtube.

You might not be able to get it right on the first try but keep practicing on applying the red hues and you’ll eventually get it down. You can even combine red and black eyeshadow for a more dramatic look.

You will discover that there are many tricks with red eyeshadow makeup that you can use to apply your make-up to make it look great. You will want to find a red in the exact shade you are looking for.

Some people prefer reds that also have brown hues to them as a first-step. You can also apt for the more dramatic and bold look. You can even find a red glitter eyeshadow to really stand out.

If you want a more earthy look, go for a red earth eyeshadow which has brownish tints to it. Some tips for applying red shadow: always do your eyes first.

If you have all of your other make-up on first, you will not overdo the eyes. The next thing you will want to do is to apply some type of oil-free concealer on your eyelids.

Then you will draw a line on your lash line with a black eye pencil to give structure to the red shadow. It’s better if you can start with a little, and gradually apply more until you are satisfied with your look.

You can also add a sheer highlighter on your brow bones and the inner edges of your eyes to define and polish your look.

You can find red eyeshadow at pretty much any cosmetics store. If you want, you can also look for them online and save money if you buy them in sets. As with most makeup products, if you wait long enough, they’ll go on sale.