Amy’s Kitchen

Legendary author Virginia Woolf once said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Devotees of organic delicacies purveyor Amy’s Kitchen dine very well — then shower the tasty brand with love.

And Amy’s Kitchen basks in all the affection, dedicating an entire section of to fan letters.

Filling out a simple form that reads “Dear Amy,” Kitchen connoisseurs have shared an abundance of love letters ranging from praise for the brand for having the best veggie burgers to kudos from gluten-intolerant diners who’ve finally found delicious gluten-free options. Those in leadership roles at Amy’s Kitchen say they take time to read every missive and that passion is the secret ingredient behind the business’s success. Amy’s Kitchen is thankful for its loyal customers and uses the hashtag #amysgivesback to spread more gratitude across social media platforms. 

It was great to try the best veggie burgers in the world,” shared Beverly Alvarez of California. “If there was a rating higher than 10 stars, you would have it. I loved them. I’m the only one in my house that does not eat meat. So it is nice to find these Sonoma Veggie Burgers. I will buy these again and if I had my way, the freezer would be packed with only these. Thanks for making this.”

Tampa resident Eryn Litvinas is a busy mom who admits the convenience of Amy’s Kitchen’s frozen foods has been an asset to her hectic lifestyle. 

“I’m sitting here eating another delicious meal as my 2-year-old throws her PB&J on the ground and my 7-month-old flings baby carrots across the room,” Litvinas wrote. “If it wasn’t for your delicious meals, there are days I wouldn’t get a chance to eat much of anything. Thank you for the love you put into your meals. PS: The Chile Relleno Casserole is bangin’.”

Cooking Up Compliments

George Buechner said he was relieved to find Amy’s Kitchen’s gluten-free products for his wife, Carol, who had been dealing with unsatisfying gluten-free products for many years until finding success with the Petaluma, California, brand.

“I do a majority of the grocery buying. Knowing of her disappointment in many of the gluten-free products that I have purchased, I am constantly looking for other options,” Buechner explained. “Imagine my surprise when I found your Family Size Broccoli and Cheddar Bake. After reading the ingredients, I immediately purchased it, anxious to see Carol’s reaction. To make a long story short, she really loved it. Not to mention, I did as well. I noticed on the back of the product the statement, ‘We like hearing from you,’ so I immediately sat down to write you. You are to be complimented on a product that is gluten-free as well as delicious.”

Amy’s Kitchen even got some global love from a fan in Germany who adopted a child from Ethiopia. The little one had fond memories of eating lentil soup with her birth mother — and Amy’s was a warm reminder. “Your soup is so much more than a soup in our home and I am so grateful,” Bridget Shaughnessy wrote. “I love that my son can share with me about his birth mother without fear that I will be upset. She is part of our family and I love that we can talk about her casually over a bowl of soup.”

Megan Manteuffel of Spooner, Wisconsin, shared a note documenting her love for Amy’s Kitchen, which started during her college days. “My favorite Amy’s product is definitely the cheese enchilada. I could eat them every day, there’s no doubt to that,” Manteuffel wrote. “I will definitely be a lifelong fan and can’t wait to try more of your products. Thank you for being such an amazing and wholesome company and for taking the time to read my letter.”

Laura Fry, Amy’s Kitchen’s consumer relations manager who’s been a team member since 2015, says she always looks forward to responding to Amy’s Kitchen admirers. 

“We get so many positive responses from our consumers that it truly is a joy to read the letters and emails every day,” Fry said. “I was just talking to a senior consumer who eats our soup daily. She’s not able to cook anymore because she doesn’t have the energy, but she loves our split pea and lentil and chooses our soup because it reminds her of how she used to cook with her kids.”

Fry added she hopes that when people connect with Amy’s Kitchen, they feel a personalized touch and the freedom to ask questions or reach out at any time. Some other standout fan letters she’s received include a communication from a woman with celiac disease who was elated to eat pie crust again thanks to Amy’s gluten-free potpie options. 

Another touching tale came from a family vacationing in Hawaii. With a plethora of special diet needs ranging from vegan and kosher to gluten- and lactose-free, discovering Amy’s meals at a local store helped them dine together with ease during their trip. 

Amy’s Kitchen Simmering With Adoration

Andy Berliner, explained they spent a large chunk of time focusing on defining the purpose of Amy’s Kitchen. “We came up with ‘Make it easy and enjoyable for everyone to eat well,’” he said. “And that means many things, but it means healthy and organic natural foods. It means great-tasting foods because people aren’t inclined to eat well if their food doesn’t taste very good. I think we pioneered the whole frozen foods industry by making really, really great-tasting frozen food.”