Before we get to the different body wraps for weight loss, let’s answer a question many people ask – do body wraps work for weight loss? Can a homemade body wrap help me lose weight?

The short answer is – YES, body wraps work for weight loss. Indeed, body wraps even work for detoxification and getting rid of cellulite.

However, it’s not just about wrapping yourself in anything you can find. Instead, when you hear health and wellness experts mention body wraps, they’re talking about specially formulated wraps designed for specific issues.

For instance, somebody wraps are specially designed for detoxing, while others are targeted for weight loss. You must match the problem and function to achieve the desired results.

How a Body Wrap Works

A typical body wrap comprises a plastic or linen sheet wrapped around a selected part of the body on top of natural or herbal ingredients.

Most spas usually begin with a scrub. It can be a mud scrub, pear and green apple scrub, or another option. After the scrub, the patient enters the shower to rinse off the scrub. Then the wrap products are applied.

Once the targeted area is completely covered in the natural or herbal ingredients, the wrap is applied. In professional spas, sometimes it’s a thermal blanket wrap. The blanket’s heat is enough to keep you sweating throughout the treatment.

Treatments often last about 30 minutes though some can last as much as an hour. After the treatment, the area is rinsed, and body lotion is applied.

According to WebMD, body wraps are effective for a wide range of issues, including weight loss, detoxing, and cellulite. Although body wraps alone won’t help you shed 50 pounds or banish your acne, significant improvements are guaranteed.

How to Do It Yourself; 7 Homemade Body Wrap Tips

NB: In all seven cases, mix the ingredients to get a mud-like paste and apply it around the affected area before wrapping it in a polythene wrap. You can wrap a bandage on top of the plastic wrap if you wish.

1. Homemade body mask using Epsom salt

You’ll need two tablespoons of dead sea clay or natural clay, one tablespoon of aloe vera gel, one tablespoonful of Epsom salt, and 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil. Mix these and add two to three tablespoons of rose water and a teaspoon of honey to form a paste. You can use it as a whole-body wrap or apply it to selected areas. Then apply the plastic wrap.

2. Cellulite body wraps

Cellulite body wraps use potent ingredients, including clay and seaweed, to combat cellulite, burn fat, and rejuvenate the body. You need about a cup of seaweed, three tablespoons of carrier oil, almond, or olive oil, two cups of warm water, and two drops of essential oil such as juniper or rosemary.

3. Weight loss body wrap for skin tight jeans

For this treatment, you need two cups of green tea (though you can also use warm water), one cup of bentonite clay powder, and two cups of diuretic essential oil such as grapefruit or geranium. Mix all the ingredients to form a paste, then apply to the lower half of your body, from the waist to the toes.

4. Body wrap for detox

If detoxing forms part of your weight-loss strategy, you’ll be glad to know that detox is one area where body wraps are incredibly effective. For an easy body wrap, mix one cup of bentonite powder with one cup of apple cider vinegar. Then add one cup of water and two drops of any diuretic essential oil, and smear the paste over the affected area before applying the wrap.

5. Epsom salt body wrap for detoxing

Unfortunately, some people are too sensitive to bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar. However, you can easily prepare an alternative detoxing body wrap with Epsom salts. You’ll need one cup of Epsom salt, four cups of purified warm water, three tablespoons of carrier oil (we recommend olive oil), and two drops of rosemary essential oil.

6. Body wrap to boost blood circulation

Yes, you can also develop a homemade body wrap to boost blood circulation in the body. Improved blood circulation enhances lung, heart, and muscle function. It also boosts immunity and can help with weight loss. To make the body wrap, mix two tablespoons of ginger root (ginger powder also works) with five tablespoons of bentonite clay and add ten tablespoons of warm water.

7. DIY body wrap for skin tightening

Even as you seek to shed the pounds, you’ll also need to find a way to tighten your skin, so the weight loss doesn’t leave you looking aged. Fortunately, body wraps are effective in skin tightening too. You’ll need one cup of white clay, half a cup of Bengal gram flour, two tablespoons of yogurt, and half a cup of water. Add three drops of orange essential oil and mix the ingredients to form a paste. Then apply the paste followed by the body wrap.

Time to Give It a Try

Remember to mix the ingredients thoroughly before applying. More importantly, if you experience burning or general inflammation, rinse the area quickly with fresh water and water before trying a different recipe.