Combating Diabetes with Wholesome Treatments – A Mini-Course

Diabetes is among the most common health problems affecting people from all demographics across the globe. Characterized by high blood glucose levels, diabetes could often aggravate to heart and kidney damage, immunity diseases, and strokes. To address your diabetic condition, here’s some vital information on natural, medical, and self-help solutions.

Natural Remedies to Combat Diabetes

Whereas insulin treatments are often necessary for effectively tackling and mitigating diabetes, patients can adopt home remedies and natural solutions to reduce the effects of diabetes, and to complement the medical treatment. Here are some of the most widely recognized natural remedies for combating diabetes-

Bitter gourd has been the time tested home remedy for controlling diabetes, because of its blood glucose lowering properties. Bitter gourd is different from other foods because it affects blood glucose and glucose metabolism throughout the body, rather than concentrating at a particular organ.

It also helps enhance the body’s pancreatic insulation generation, and is hence an effective remedy for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. You can either drink bitter gourd juice in the morning, or include it in a meal once a day.

Cinnamon also goes a long way in lowering levels of blood sugar in the body. Cinnamon contains bioactive compounds that fight diabetes. Just add a teaspoon of cinnamon to hot water and consume in the morning for best effects.

Apart from bitter gourd and cinnamon, fenugreek is another herb that’s ideal for diabetes control. It works by lowering blood sugar, and improving glucose tolerance, because of its hypoglycemic activities.

Also, because of its fibrous nature, fenugreek also slows down the absorption of sugars and carbs. Not only can you just eat a couple of tablespoons of fenugreek with milk daily, but can also soak some seeds in water overnight, and consume the water in the morning.

Indian gooseberry, more commonly called ‘amla’, is abundant in vitamin C, and helps promote the health of pancreas, helping regulate the essential hormones associated with the organ.

Get some Indian gooseberries, remove their seeds, grind the pulp into a paste, put the pulp in a cloth, and squeeze out the concentrated juice from the same. Now, add a couple of teaspoons of this juice to warm water and drink in the morning, to control diabetes.

Black plums and mango leaves are among the other recognized natural remedies you can adopt to take control of your diabetic life; the basic pattern and manner of consumption remains the same, just extract the juices, and mix with warm water, and consume regularly.

Self Help – A Vital Aspect of Diabetes Care

High blood pressure and diabetes are not the best friends; the former can severely damage your blood vessels, and both together can even increase risks of heart attacks.

So, adopt lifestyle choices that help you control your blood pressure. So, phase out smoking, endorse proper sleeping patterns, don’t over-work yourself, exercise, and eat healthy.

Be extra cautious about your bi-annual health checkups, as well as your periodic vaccinations. Annual health checkups can facilitate identification of complications related to diabetes, such as kidney damage and heart damage. Also, because high blood sugars damage the immune system, patients need to track vaccination schedules (flu, hepatitis B, tetanus, etc.) more carefully than ever.

A Brief on Medical Treatments for Diabetes

Patients with type 1 diabetes invariably need insulin injections and medication to ensure that their blood glucose levels remain close to target levels, whereas patients of type 2 diabetes can control their diabetes with healthy lifestyles, natural remedies, and exercising, apart from minor medication.

Metformin is the most commonly recommended pill for beginning diabetes medication. Also, depending on the uniquemedical history and current medical conditions of patients, doctors can prescribe different kinds of insulin and complementary medication.

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