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Big Cosmetic Trends You Should Try in 2018


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Some things never change, but on the other hand, some change way too often and way too fast for us to grasp them. Trends are mercurial and temporary, but they always cause an uproar and somehow manage to find a way into our lives. Fashion trends change rapidly, but so do cosmetic and beauty trends, and it can leave us confused and tired if we try to follow every single one of them. For those of you in love with makeup and cosmetics, we give you a list of upcoming trends you will have to try out this year.


‘Clean’ cosmetics

beauty brandWe have all become more aware of the impact our actions and choices have on the world we live in, and we always try to make a more environmentally-friendly choice. Cosmetic companies have recognized this and they have been working hard to come up with solutions which will reduce the number of ingredients which are animal-derived. They have been developing natural materials which would be able to work just as well but will be cruelty-free.

Not only are these materials cruelty-free, but they are also sustainable. Even though some of these ingredients might be synthetic, they are perfectly safe to use and what is more, they might be even more efficient than traditional materials.


Men have started paying more attention to their looks, and they have made changes to their ‘beauty’ routine. It’s not just about showering and shaving anymore; as more men grow out their hair and beards and embrace elaborate hairstyles, grooming is becoming more popular with each new season. Perfect clothing and bespoke accessories aside, men have started buying beard oils, dying their hair and using more hair and skincare products.

Younger populations have re-discovered barbers and stylists and they don’t shy away from covering up dark circles around their eyes and outlining beard and eyebrows with makeup.

Beauty in HD

Makeup is evolving and everyone’s noticed that – perfection isn’t something we’re simply striving to achieve, but has rather become something that you expect, at least when makeup is concerned. Professional makeup artists are showing off their work, and users want to get the same result as them, which is why high definition solutions are required. Makeup and cosmetic products should be designed in a professional way and be of high quality and should provide the user with a ‘high definition effect’, or something close to ‘photoshopped look’.

KISS – Keep it simple, sister

The year before us will give us a regime that’s been simplified but at the same time more efficient than ever before. Those tiring steps of your beauty regime will be reduced, and the products will be more versatile and aimed at multi-purpose. Those 3-in-1 products that have been so few in previous years are starting to take over the market. Lixir’s ‘Universal Emulsion’ that can be used as both night cream, day cream, and primer is one such product, and other companies are following suit, offering their users compacted range of products aimed at easy use and simplicity.

Lashes on fleek

Just as eyebrows have been in focus over the previous few seasons, the year before us will be all about lashes. Luxurious, thick, and even over-the-top, lashes are in focus right now. Oils and serums that help your natural lashes grow, mascaras with hyaluronic acid and collagen, fake lashes, and even eyelash extensions made of mink hair or silk are available on the market today, and will be much sought-after in the following seasons too. For those who don’t like applying several coats of mascara, fake lashes are a huge hit, but if you don’t want to glue them on every day, eyelash extensions are a great way to get that ‘wow’ look without much trouble.

Luxurious face masks

Over the years, we have understood the importance of taking good care of our skin and face masks have emerged as a simple and effective solution. It doesn’t matter if you have the evening off and you’d like to take care of your skin, or you’re in a hurry and need a quick trick to look flawless before you rush out for work, face masks are there for you. There’s a great choice of different masks for you to choose from: simple ones you can make yourself in your kitchen and store-bought one, but 2018 is going to be all about luxury: 24-karat gold, activated charcoal, and volcanic clay masks will make your skin look fresh and give it a healthy glow.

The shade of you

In the year before us, you will be able to embrace and flaunt every possible shade of you, with a number of foundations designed and made for different skin colors and skin types. Still, Rihanna’s managed to steal the spotlight with her debut makeup line Fenty Beauty. She has launched a collection that features 40 shades of liquid foundation and matte primer, so even though there aren’t any eye shadows or lipsticks (just a fantastic lip gloss, though) there will be plenty of girls who will shriek of joy for finally be able to find a foundation that matches their skin tone.


Cosmetic treatments

We have all seen how the world opened up to cosmetic surgery over the past few decades and in the year before us, we will see how common it is to undergo a cosmetic procedure. A number of celebrities don’t hide the fact that they have altered their looks in this way: hidden imperfections and emphasized features they love. Nose jobs, lip and breast augmentation, botox injections and dermal fillers, as well as facelifts and liposuctions, will not be looked down upon, but rather seen as something ordinary and common.

January is almost over already, and this leaves you with eleven more months to try the most popular treatments and cosmetic trends and try to decide which ones you like. People are different and just because something is trending at the moment and everyone seems to be in love with it, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will immediately like it. Give yourself time to try things out and see for yourself which trends you should embrace and which you should just let go.

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