dental cleaning

Regular dental inspections and cleaning are essential to maintain oral health and avoid serious problems. However, we know that many people, especially those with sensitive teeth, feel uncomfortable and need to remove tartar regularly with dental cleaning instruments at EMS Oceania. If you are a fan of using ultrasonic brush heads to remove dental calculus, Phoenix Road Dental provides the best alternative to brushing with EMS Airflow. This technology uses targeted biofilm therapy (GBT) to provide a gentle and effective cleaning effect. Ideal for sensitive teeth and gums. Let us look at the working principle of EMS Airflow and the following benefits.

Do you have sensitive teeth?

Sensitive teeth can interfere with your daily activities and prevent you from performing professional teeth cleaning. This is caused by many factors, including the use of hard toothbrushes, grinding of teeth, regular consumption of acidic foods and beverages, tooth decay, and cracked/fractured teeth. If your teeth are sensitive, cold, hot, sugary, or acidic foods and drinks, flossing or brushing, alcohol-based mouthwashes, and dental procedures (such as plaque removal) usually cause pain and discomfort, then use dental cleaning instruments at EMS Oceania.

What is the difference between EMS airflow and ultrasonic Tip?

In traditional toothbrushes using ultrasonic brushes, we use vibrating instruments and cold water to break up tartar. The teeth are congested. This vibration and cold water can cause discomfort, especially when your teeth are sensitive. Then, after removing the tartar for prevention, your dentist will use polishes and adhesives to remove the remaining stains. Fine cleaning powder, water, and air to remove biofilm or soft plaque on teeth. Since this process is more effective than traditional cleaning methods, there is no need for prevention after cleaning. In addition to using gentle air jets, Airflow technology. During the operation, we can also heat the water to further reduce the sensitivity of the teeth.

What can you get from EMS airflow-guided biofilm therapy?

As another method of brushing, compared with conventional brushing, the EMS procedure requires several steps. Your dentist will first stain your teeth with colored stains to clean plaque and biofilm. Now that you can see the plaque in your mouth, your dentist can use this time to advise you on how to clean the areas where plaque is most likely to form tooth stains.

The air jet nozzle sprays a mild detergent on your teeth to remove all debris. And because the device does not physically touch your teeth, it hardly causes any discomfort. However, if your teeth and gums are inflamed, we can use the softest Period flow brush head for thorough cleaning. Finally, your dentist will do a final check to make sure that all biofilm and plaque have been removed. If there is hard tartar remaining on the teeth, then we still need to use dental cleaning instruments at EMS Oceania to remove it.

Benefits of using EMS airflow

EMS airflow is a good choice for tooth brushing because it has many advantages over traditional tooth brushing. Some of the best benefits you can enjoy gentle airflow and warm water prevent tooth and gum discomfort, even when cleaning the deep pockets between teeth. As the device does not work properly, it reduces tooth sensitivity Physical contact of teeth.