Zeta White Review – a Good Skin Lightening Cream

Zeta White

Zeta white is a natural skin lightening wash-moisturizer-cream system. Age, sun, stress and living on edge had begun to show their toll on my skin and appearance. My skin lost its natural sheen and dark spots began to appear.

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I could see shades of skin on the face. The skin near the nose and eyes had gone a shade darker. What more, I looked dull and old.

Thanks to Zeta white – my skin is back to the way it looked in younger days. It has completely eradicated the dark spots from my face, making it even toned and bringing back the lost glow.

The more I came to know about the product the more I liked it. It’s easy to use and chemical free. As I am a little biased towards organic products, I picked up Zeta white only because it claimed to be 95% organic. It has no side effects whatsoever and no harsh chemical whiteners.

In course of my little research, I came to know that all the ingredients in the formula and the product was well researched and thoroughly tested. This was to ensure that the users faced no harm of any kind.

Both men and women can make use of this product liberally as it is designed accordingly. People of all skin types and all age can apply this skin whitening formula.

Why did I like it?

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Quite frankly, you can expect a lot of things. Thankfully, The Zeta White seems to deliver on most of the fronts – at least for me!

Zeta white comes with three products- a face wash, a night cream and a moisturizer. As it is a three-step lightening system- all the products function to combat against age, genetics and higher exposure to sun.

The elements in the product decrease the amount of melanin in the skin, thereby restoring the skin’s natural color. It was simple to use, and I knew just when to apply it, rather than having vague directions about it.

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Face wash

The face wash features papaya extract – I can see the skin lightening pigmentation work. In addition to papaya extract, it features lemon extracts which reduce the melanin content. Face wash is the first of the three products to use for face cleaning and initiating the effect.

Night Cream

I loved the night cream – you just have to apply it before night. The product contains allantoin which repairs and removes both dull and damaged cells respectively. As the dead and damaged cells get removed, the skin begins to rejuvenate faster. The entire product contains anti-inflammatory agents to promote natural fairness.


Moisturizer is the third component which completes the system. It helps in cleaning and clearing the skin, and I could see the effect within a few days itself. Lightening moisturizer ensures absolute removal of dark spots and enhances the tone as well as the glow on the skin.

These three products synergistically provide ‘the more than desired’ result. Longer dedicated use provides much better outcome. I recommend Zeta White because it is 95% organic, safe, vegan and completely natural.

It works night and day on the skin and makes the skin look younger. Zeta white has not only restored my skin but has regained my confidence on my looks as well.

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Faith Ebiojo David
I am a Biochemist and Naturopath, I love writing and educating people on health and wellness matters.