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What You’re Doing Daily that can Impair Your Eyesight

Deteriorating eyesight isn’t just the result of genetics or part the aging process. There are quite a few daily habits that could be damaging your eyes and harming your vision without you even knowing. Here is a look at some of the most common habits that could be unnecessarily hurting your eyesight.

Staring at Your Smartphone

The average person checks their smartphone over 200 times a day, and this can have some serious consequences when it comes to one’s vision. Staring at a screen with a backlight and small letters will overwork your eyes and could eventually cause some damage. Everyone should make a habit of taking a break from their smartphone and all other displays at least once every 20 minutes.

Sleeping in Contacts

Sleeping in contacts is one of the quickest ways to cause an infection, scratch the outer layer of the eyes, and cause swelling of the eyelids. Unless your eye doctor has given you prescription contacts that are designed to be slept with, you should always remove your contacts before going to bed. This includes shorter naps that could still damage your eyes if the contacts are left in.

Wearing Old Eyeglasses

On average, patients should have their eyesight checked at least once every 12 months. During this checkup, your eye doctor will give you a quick eye exam to determine if your prescription has changed. For younger patients, the prescription could change as often as once a year. Older patients may find that their eyeglasses are sufficient for longer than a year, but they should always check with their doctor.

Using Eye Drops Too Often

Eye drops can be a necessity when an infection takes place or your eyes are occasionally irritated. The danger is overusing them can actually be harmful. Studies carried out by the The American Academy of Ophthalmology shows that using prescription or non-prescription eye drops too long of a period without a break can actually cause more irritation. Closely adhere to any instructions given to you by your doctor concerning prescription eye drops.

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Not Wearing Sunglasses

Anyone that allows their eyes to be exposed to UV rays throughout the day could be causing irreversible damage. Sunshine is very beneficial when it comes to creating vitamin D, but any prolonged exposure to your retinas is sure to do damage. Children are also at a high risk of the sun damaging to their eyes if they play outside or are in any outdoor sports leagues. You can also look into sunglasses for your prescription from places like Marvel Optics.

If you find that your eyes are hurting, you squint more than usual, or that everyday items have become blurry, it may be time for your next eye exam.

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