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Your Handy Guide to Reviewing Hair Transplant Techniques

If you are suffering from hair loss problem, and want a permanent solution to the problem, then you must consider a hair transplant. It is the most effective way that can help you get back a head full of hair.

So, in case you are convinced at undergoing a transplant, make sure to seek the services of a professional hair transplant surgeon having good experience in performing the transplant procedure using advanced surgical techniques. Doing so will increase your chances of yielding favorable outcome.

There are two surgical methods that are widely practiced for performing a hair transplant. Let’s have an overview of both those methods:

1. FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE is the best technique so far to restore hair fall. In case, you’ve opted for the FUE procedure, your surgeon will remove hair follicles from the donor area (i.e. the back or side of the head) one at a time.

And the extracted follicles are then implanted in the bald area of your scalp. With FUE, you get to experience minimum discomfort post the procedure.

2. FUHT or Follicular Unit

Another alternative to FUE is the FUHT surgical method. When performing this method, the surgeon strips skin (around 6 – 10 inches long) from the back of the patient’s back portion of the head. The skin is then kept aside, and the surgeon sews the scalp.

Soon, the sew-in area gets covered with hair around it. Next, the surgeon’s team breaks the strip removed from the head to 500 – 2000 tiny grafts. Finally, the graft that is placed on the head depends on the quality, color and size of the donor area while the transplant is being performed.

Remember that, the FUE or FUHT technique will likely take about 4 to 8 hours to complete.

Now we will cater some important points on successful hair transplant:

Thanks to the continuous advancement of surgical technology, hair transplant has become one of the most effective ways to restore hair loss permanently. While there are several factors that play a key role in the success of the hair transplant procedure, but an experienced and skilled surgeon is the most essential component for a transplant.

A hair transplant surgeon with years of experience is, in general, familiar with advanced surgical techniques, such as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

These are the two of the most common types of surgery performed by doctors for hair transplant. Especially, the FUE method has been a great surgical innovation compared to the old methods, as it does not cause any swelling in patients.

Let’s have a look at some other crucial factors responsible for the success of the surgical method:

  • The most important factor for the successful hair transplantation is that you must an ideal candidate for the procedure. Essentially, it is necessary that you have healthy and plenty of hairs at any side of the head.
  • Secondly, it is important that the transplant is done by some plastic surgeon.
  • The third most important factor is that patients must follow the recommendations made by their doctor once the transplant has been done. For instance, they will be asked to wash and clean their hair post the operation. Remember as long as the recommendations are being paid attention to, you won’t possibly experience unsuccessful results.

As one of the most renowned hair transplant clinics in West Delhi, ‘Hair and Senses’ is a sensible clinic for hair transplant with a nice choice for people seeking solutions to their hair problems without unnecessary expenses.

In fact, it provides free consultation concerning hair transplant before and after the procedure.

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