The human body is an intricate, complex organism that requires significant attention to properly function. While you can get away with some unhealthy habits for a while, the negative consequences will eventually catch up to you.

Whether your body is already suffering or you simply want to be proactive, here are some things you need to focus on to give your body a happy, healthy future.

Fuel Your Body by Drinking More Water

Our bodies are fueled by water and crave it on a regular basis. While you may only think to take a sip of water when you feel thirsty, you should have a steady intake of water throughout the day. According to nephrologist Steven Guest, MD, “Fluid losses occur continuously, from skin evaporation, breathing, urine, and stool, and these losses must be replaced daily for good health.”

The human body is about 60 percent water and the fluids inside you help with things like digestion, circulation, absorption, saliva creation, body temperature maintenance, transportation of nutrients, and more.

Getting enough water can help you control calories, energize your muscles, and revitalize your skin. To ensure you’re reaching your daily intake, carry a water bottle with you throughout the day and refill it each time it runs low.

Get Adequate Sleep Each Night

Bottom line, everyone needs sleep. Regardless of how well you know your body and sleep patterns, you need to aim for between five and eight hours of sleep each night. And while how long you sleep is important, it’s not the only factor.

You should also make sure you are getting deep, healthy sleep. As representatives at Good Morning Snore Solution know, sleep apnea, snoring and other related issues can drastically affect the quality of the sleep you get.

By getting quality rest each night, you’ll eventually begin to notice improvements in your physical health (aches and pains), sex life, mood, and even weight control.

Eat Healthy Throughout the Week

Cutting carbs, sugar and alcohol can work well for weight loss, but on the other hand, do you know what you should be including? Vitamin C, protein, and antioxidants often steal the show, but there are some lesser-known nutrients that your body needs equally.

To start, make it a point to include zinc, omega-3, fiber, and folate in your regular diet. Zinc plays a major role in strengthening the immune system, omega-3 helps reduce inflammation and swelling in the body, fiber helps you digest better, and folate can help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Get Some Outdoor Exercise

Exercise is good, but exercise outdoors is even better. The combination of physical activity and healthy exposure to sunlight will keep your body feeling good. It’s recommended that you exercise at least three times a week, for 30 minute increments.

Depending on how healthy you are, you may choose to take a leisurely stroll or a fast-paced jog. This exercise will release endorphins in the body and improve circulation, while sunlight will help your body produce vitamin D, which controls over 2000 gene functions.

Is your body getting enough of these four important items? Try drinking more water, sleeping better, eating healthy, and getting some exercise for a happier, healthier life.