LASIK Surgery

LASIK is a cutting-edge procedure that is carried out on the eye in order to reshape the cornea and improve one’s eyesight.

It can benefit a wide variety of patients and be used to remedy a number of eyesight issues, and the advantages of surgery has many parents wondering at exactly what age their child will become a good candidate for this procedure.

Special Medical Considerations

Each and every vision center has their own requirements on the youngest age that they will perform the LASIK procedure. Primarily, the doctor wants to ensure that there are no other medical complications that will occur in the coming years.

There are a variety of instances in which LASIK may be desirable at a younger age, such as with more severe vision problems that cannot be thoroughly corrected with glasses or contacts.

For younger children that are unable to wear these corrective devices, LASIK may be the only other option.

Legal Limits

As with any other major elective procedure, a teenager must be at least 18 years of age in order to opt for this surgery without their guardian. With the parents’ consent, however, the surgery can legally be performed at nearly any age, but this does not necessarily make it the best choice for younger children.

Primarily, the body will continue to change and there are some eye conditions that will develop later on in a child’s life that will affect one’s vision in the coming years.

Because of the changing circumstances in a child’s development, you may want to consider waiting a bit before contacting LASIK centers in Salt Lake or your particular locale.

Changing Eyes

An individual’s eyes will continue to change for quite some time, well past their teenage years for most patients. According to many specialists, it is around 18 or 19 years of age when the development of the eyes will stabilize and LASIK becomes a much more enticing option.

Even though some may wish to carry this out as soon as they turn 18, most will want to wait until their early or mid-20s just to be sure. By 25, almost everyone’s vision has stabilized and the surgery will be most effective.

Professional Considerations

Outside of medical issues, teenagers of around 16 or above may need corrected eyesight for professional reasons and should consider this procedure. When carried out in one’s teens, a number of additional procedures will often have to take place every few years in order to maintain one’s vision.

These particular circumstances may apply to 16 or 17 year olds that are preparing for a career in professional sports, or who will not have the ability to have the procedure done in the coming years.

LASIK remains one of the most effective options for patients that would like to improve their eyesight without the daily hassle of glasses or contacts. When carried out at the right age, it can result in years of unparalleled vision and clarity.