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How you can Beat Heroin Addiction?

Heroin addiction numbers have steadily risen in recent years. Many addicts started as prescription pain pill users, and developed a dependency on the effects of the opioid properties of the pills. Fear of being without the high or being able to feel pain fuels the addictions and leads addicts to entering into prescription pill rehab.


You can get your life back and start enjoying the simple things in life again, it just takes acceptance of the addiction and the willingness to want help.

Main Reasons for Heroin Addiction:

One of the main reasons that heroin addiction numbers have risen is due to the low cost of the drug. In many cases, heroin is less expensive than prescription pain pills.

Given that it takes a smaller amount of heroin, in comparison to narcotic pain medication, to achieve pain relief and a sense of normalcy, thousands of pill abusers turn to heroin as an alternative option.

Smack, a street term for heroin, produces effects faster than prescription pills. It also has many of the same effects as narcotic pain medication. This type of addiction is more than just a physical dependency, it is also a psychological dependency.

Acceptance of the Addiction:

It is important for addicts to come to terms with the fact that they do have a problem and need help to save their lives. Tolerance increases to drugs like this is common, meaning that it takes more to achieve the desired effect.

When confronting someone about an addiction, it is important to remain calm and express your concern for their life. It is common for the confrontation to become a battle. Do your best to remember that it is the drug talking and not the person behind the addiction.

Consider showing the person in trouble photos of them before heroin and ask them to look at themselves in the mirror now to see the changes to their physical appearance. That is often the breaking point where the addict truly realizes what the drug is doing to their bodies.

Consider a Detox Program First:

A controlled detox often makes it easier for an addict to get through the withdrawal process. Withdrawal symptoms where heroin and/or prescription pills are the drug/s of choice can include muscle cramping, delusional thoughts, anger, rage and flu-like symptoms.

Those with long term addictions may have more severe withdrawal symptoms. It is important to encourage the addict through the process as it helps them find the strength to complete the process of detox.

Fighting Through Withdrawal Symptoms:

Addicts cannot fight through withdrawal symptoms alone. It is physically and emotionally taxing on their bodies. Many want to give up because the process is too hard and it physically hurts too much. Help the loved one through these feelings with positive words of encouragement and remind them of how beautiful life is with a clear mind.

Entering Treatment:

When an addict wants help, entering into treatment feels like getting a new lease on life. It is an opportunity for them to get themselves back and be a productive member of society again. Heroin addicts are not all junkies or criminals, as much of society has labeled them.

Walking through the doors of a treatment facility for the first time is scary. Thoughts of indecision and fear are common. It is important for the patient to know that they are in the safest place possible for them and that all of the support they need to beat heroin addiction is right in front of them. Rehab is a safe place.

Learning Alternative Ways to Cope:

The inability to cope with physical or emotional pain without a drug is one of the most common reasons for relapses. When in treatment, heroin addicts learn how to cope with the stresses of life along with their physical pain in a different way.

This retrains their brains and helps them find a different, more productive activity to participate in rather than hitting the streets to find a fix to numb them. Learning what each patient enjoys as a hobby or activity helps treatment professionals teach addicts how to fight the urge to use.

Showing love and encouragement is one of the best ways to help a loved one quit heroin for good. It is a hard drug to stop. Providing positive support during and after treatment is a must. Without positive reinforcements, relapses are more likely to occur.

An addict has to learn how to live without the influence of heroin and other opiates and they need love and support to be successful.


This article is for informational/educational purposes only. Healthtian does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, read more.


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