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Personal growth is key to a happy, successful marriage. That’s why yoga and meditation are two of the best things you can do to strengthen your marriage on a daily basis.

Couple’s yoga builds strength and trust in a relationship while meditation encourages couples to look deep within themselves and focus on personal expansion.

What’s so wonderful about meditation is that it can be done anywhere and the results are phenomenal.  Meditating and doing yoga together as a couple can catapult your bonding to another level altogether.

If you are a couple who wants to take corrective steps in the direction of improving the relationship dynamics, then taking any credible yoga course online is another fruitful activity for couples.

You and your spouse will learn the importance of teamwork and relationship alignment while exploring and enhancing your true potential, both personally and as a couple.

Meditating and doing yoga together can also help you deepen your communication skills, strengthen empathy and compassion, and give you plenty of information to meditate on.

You will be able to build a greater physical, emotional and spiritual understanding of your partner and relationship.

Yoga Poses for Couples

By practicing Yoga as a couple, you will deepen mutual trust and build inner and outer strength as partners. Here are some of the best yoga poses for married couples.

Seated grounding

This is a great yoga pose for beginners. It’s simple to do and does wonders for building intimacy with your spouse.

Sit cross-legged, facing your spouse with your hands on your partner’s knees and vice-versa.

Stare deep into each other ‘s eyes and take deep breaths. Studies show that eye-contact heightens emotional intimacy and creates a sense of self-awareness and vulnerability that bonds couples closer together.

This exercise helps couples de-stress and refocus their attention on one another after a busy day.

Back to Back Chair

Have you ever held a chair position? If so, then you know that this seemingly easy position can actually be a marvelous workout for your thighs.

Start this position by standing back to back with your spouse and relax your arms at your sides. Press firmly into your spouse (as though they were a wall behind you).

Begin to lower yourselves in tandem so that you are positioned as though you are sitting in a chair. Hold this position for twenty-thirty seconds (or as long as you can bear it.)

This simple pose actually takes a lot of effort, which can help you look to your partner for inner and outer strength to complete the exercise.

The Flying Warrior

Begin this pose with one partner lying on the ground with their knees bent. The “flying” partner will stand facing the person on the floor and lean forward to clasp their hands together. Once your hands are secured, lean forward into your spouse’s feet.

They will then lift you off the ground (with their hand in yours and their feet supporting your pelvis) above them as though you were an airplane, flying.

This exercise works your legs, core, arms, and balance. This is a great yoga exercise for building trust with your spouse. Like taking marriage courses online, this pose will help you to build up your communication skills.

Seated Cat-Cow

The aim of the cat cow yoga pose is to stretch the back, core, and hips. Doing this popular pose in a seated position allows you to share this pose with your partner and helps you focus on lung and chest expansions.

Sit cross-legged in front of your partner and grab each other’s forearms. Move your shoulders down and back and focus on your breathing. Lift your chest up high so that it arches your back. When you exhale, bring your chin down to your chest. Continue this cycle for 10 or more rounds.

Types of Meditation You Can Do

There are so many different types of meditation that can help you achieve your relationship goals. Meditation is good for your brain health. Studies show that regular meditation helps preserve brain structure and lessens age-related decline in brain function.

Body scans, progressive relaxation, breath awareness, Zen, and transcendental are just some of the meditations that can help improve your marriage. Here are three in-depths choices you may want to consider doing with your spouse:

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Sometimes referred to as “Metta meditation”, loving-kindness meditation is a way for couples to cultivate kind compassionate, and loving qualities. This often involves the use of a repeated mantra.

Loving-kindness meditation is especially helpful for those who have allowed anger, resentment, conflict, and frustration to creep into their relationship. This form of meditation can also help lessen the effects of depression and anxiety.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindful meditation encourages you to allow your thoughts to wander. Do not push them away. Once a thought comes to mind, be observant of it, but do not judge it or engage it. Just allow it to exist.

Through mindfulness meditation, you will learn more about your thinking patterns. It is a wonderful way to improve your relationship because it encourages you to focus on your behaviors. It promotes acceptance and banishes bad behavior, such as jumping to negative conclusions or being judgemental of your spouse.

Marriage Meditation

If you truly want to make the most of meditation for your marriage, why not use your meditative state to focus on your relationship?

Sit together with your spouse and make it your goal to meditate on the bond that you share. Allow your mind to concentrate on your spouse’s positive qualities. Think about what is going great in your marriage and what areas still need improvement.

Many find it beneficial to do a lesson from yoga course online to strengthen their body and love bond with their partner. After a yoga session with your partner, it can be a good idea to take ten or twenty minutes together to meditate on what you’ve learned.

This can help you learn the importance of intimacy, communication, and creating rituals together. Do you feel like you are drifting away from your partner?

Taking marriage courses online can help strengthen your relationship for years to come. These courses are especially beneficial when coupled with yoga and meditation. Boost your relationship by stretching out with your partner today.

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