Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is related to martial arts. It is a slow pace performance that involves asana or postures. The posture dance can hold for a longer time, and it ranges from 45 seconds to 2 minutes and so on.

Beginners can stay for that short period. Advanced dancers or practitioners can even stay for a much longer period, which can extend to five minutes or more than that.

The practice is unique because of the way the body joints are applied. It can apply moderate stress to the body connective tissues, which include the fascia, tendons, as well as the ligaments. The major aim is to ensure that there is enough circulation to these joints and ligaments of the body.

This shows that yoga can even serve medical and meditative purposes. When it is used for a meditative purpose, the goal is to achieve a one hundred percent inner self silence. It wants to bring about an interconnecting and universal quality.

This practice has its humble beginning in the late 1970s and as stated before it started from prominent martial arts practitioners.

Till date, some people associate it more with martial art. The person believed to have started that practice was Paulie Zink, who is popularly regarded as the Taoist Yoga.

The teaching soon spread to many parts of the world, especially in Europe and America. Two notable developers of that practice include Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley.

What makes it unique

The practice is unique because of the way it is carried out. It can target superficial muscles. It was earlier stated that the practice often targets those deep connective tissues of the body, and these include the deep fascial networks as well as the bones and your joint. It also targets the ligaments.

The practice is learned and normally classes are organized for that. Such class includes a series of passive floor dances and the poses as said earlier varies in length depending on the level of expertise.

This works the lower part of your body together and they include the inner thighs, the pelvis, as well as the hips and lower spine. These are rich in connective tissues.


The practice has lots of benefits that are associated with it. It is highly energetic, and it usually involves energy flow. It would ensure the smooth slow of chins, especially in the organs.

The most important thing about this practice is that it makes for a great mental, as well as emotional benefits. You can benefit all these if you do that very well.

Who is the Yin Yoga for?

This is meant for you if you crave for more energy. Usually, people who are tired and looking for more energy would always engage in this kind of practice. Furthermore, if you are stimulated and you think that there is too much energy in you, you can engage in that practice.

In this very busy world where both the body and minds are always busy, there is always the need to meditation or sober reflection. Some people can actually deal with that challenge through yin yoga practice.

Yoga has the capability to cater to all aspects of our body. At one point or the other, there is the part of the body that demands stimulation. You can always get the body to be stimulated through the yin yoga.

This exercise is meant for the body and it can work for those yin tissues which we have already described as the deep connective tissues. There is a special way to communicate with connective tissues.

It can respond to steady and slow load. Because of that, you are able to pose for a longer period of time. It makes the body to be responsive as well.

There are different kinds of yin yoga tissues and the aim is to achieve specific purposes, which include stimulation as well as the removal of all forms of blockages that occur in the inner body.

Because of that, it can always do good things for the body, which includes the balancing of the body systems, as well as the internal organs.

For that to be possible, the practice involves the relaxation of the muscle. This often occurs around the connective tissues of the body. When that is done, it becomes stretch.

While yoga can be done safely, it is not every yoga that can be done safely. It has continued to be popular and it is fast expanding to other parts of the world where the practice was not known before. It has continued to spread because of the wonderful thing practitioners gain from it.

When your bone degenerates, you can suffer for it because you can lose joint mobility. The worst is that the fascia can become tight. However, if you are consistent with that practice, you can regain your mobility easily.

Here are some of the major benefits you can derive from the practice.

First is that it targets those connective tissues which are deep inside the body and they include joints, bones, as well as fascia.

Furthermore, it has some great health values as it can reduce stress. If you are feeling stress, you can regain yourself again by engaging on that. Most importantly, it can facilitate circulation. This is good because blood reaches to all parts of the body. It can give you more energy.

Furthermore, it has the ability to balance your internal organs and it ensures a consistent flow of prana. It balances all parts of the body, especially the inner and deeper part of the body and ensures that you are healthy and alert again.

The most important aspect of that practice is that it can relieve tension from all parts of the body. It frees both the body and soul and ensures that you are smart again. It is going to keep you healthy and relaxed.

Furthermore, it has the capacity to improve flexibility and it encourages meditation and mindfulness. The practice is good for you if you want improved health. Because of its popularity, it is fast spreading to all parts of the world.