When considering scrotoplasty, many men find themselves worried about how the testicles are kept safe during the surgery, and how the surgery will affect their testicles in the future. 

This can put men off surgery that would massively improve their health and well-being, leaving them with discomfort, embarrassment, and urology problems including difficulty urinating and increased chance of infections. 

So, let’s clear it up once and for all, how will scrotoplasty affect your testicles? 

How are testicles kept safe during scrotoplasty? 

The job of the scrotum is to keep testicles, or testes, contained within the best possible conditions, which include temperature control. They allow the testicles to ascend or descend from the body, keeping them at the optimum temperature for sperm production and growth. 

As such, if the outer skin layer of the scrotum is being operated on, patients can worry about the testicles themselves, including how they are kept away from sharp surgical instruments. 

To make it simpler, the scrotum can be compared to an orange. 

Inside the scrotum are many nerves, veins, arteries, and the testes themselves, which are contained in and around a scrotal sac, which is just one layer of the scrotum.

 This is covered by the outer skin layer of the scrotum, similar to the outer peel of the orange.

The scrotal sac is made of skin and smooth muscle, which is similar to the thin layer that covers orange segments and can be moved gently without the outside skin layer of the scrotum being present. 

This allows urologists to perform scrotoplasty surgery without touching the scrotal sac or testes, keeping them perfectly safe and out of harm’s way. 

As excess skin is usually removed from the top of the scrotum, the scrotal sac will simply hang below, allowing the surgeon room to remove the supernumerary skin without disturbing it, or the testes. 

After the new scrotum has been created, or the old scrotum reduced, sutures or stitches are used to close the scrotum around the scrotal sac, putting it back where it should be. 

Will changes from scrotoplasty affect my testicles? 

As the testicles are not touched during standard scrotoplasty, they will not experience any changes. 

They will still have the room they need to move towards or away from the body to maintain a healthy testicular temperature and will not be affected by any sutures or stitches which are generally inserted at the base of the penis, at the top of the scrotum itself. 

Find excellent urologists to perform your scrotoplasty

The best urologists expertly understand not only their field but patient concerns. They know that prospective patients will have concerns regarding such delicate areas of the body and will expect questions such as these.  

If you are worried, it is best to voice any concerns with your urologist prior to undergoing surgery, as it will help put your mind at ease. Your expert scrotoplasty urologist may have diagrams or 3D models they can use to explain the surgery to you in different ways, helping you to fully understand and make an informed decision about your scrotoplasty. 

In-depth consultations, clear communication, and understanding experts will provide you with the best in patient experience, so will make an excellent choice of a urologist for your scrotoplasty.  

Don’t settle for less and expect to speak to a few clinics when researching your possible scrotoplasty clinic. 

This will help you to be confident in your choice and improve the quality of the scrotoplasty you receive.