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Why You Need Health Insurance

Aside from the fact that it is mandatory to have health care coverage in the US or you pay out of pocket and also pay a fine, there are many other reasons you need health insurance.

Medical advances in treatment and care help us live longer, healthier lives. These advances also add a lot to the cost of life saving measures.

Hospital emergency rooms care for urgent needs which you will have to pay for eventually, and insurance will help immensely with the cost. If you need follow up care like a visit to the doctor or rehab center, you’ll be responsible for the total bill without insurance.

People with insurance coverage are more likely to get routine and preventive care because they know the bill will be covered.

Paid annual check-ups and preventive care allows your doctor to catch any problems. These problems are easier and less expensive to treat when caught early. Young people reap the benefits of wellness care that can help prevent trouble later in life.

Having health insurance gives you peace of mind. You can compare it to having car insurance in that you hope you never need it for emergencies, but if you have it you will be prepared for an unpredictable or unexpected event.

The added plus of health insurance is that it’s also there for predictable events, like having a baby. The inability to pay for medical bills is one of the most common reasons for personal bankruptcy and ruined credit.

The premiums, deductibles, and co-pays are sometimes hard on the family budget, but are far better than declaring bankruptcy.

Speaking from experience, the benefit of having your medications covered if you or a family member has a chronic illness is priceless. The full price of medications without the discount you get through insurance is astronomical.

Don’t wait til someone is sick to search out a good health care plan. Do it now so you will be prepared for those unforeseen circumstances every family faces and to insure through preventative care that everyone is in tip-top shape.

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