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Most men have a tough time finding that perfect wedding ring. Today, a man needs to express his personality and style with the best jewelry that he can flaunt. And, there is nothing wrong in that. Times are changing. Even a decade ago, buying men’s jewelry was a simple affair. Anything in gold with a little pattern and a few stones was all that he needed.

However, the situation has changed now with different metal wedding rings to choose for your prince charming. Of late, the popularity of metals such as titanium, carbide, cobalt chrome, and stainless steel has increased radically. Though these metals have their pros and cons, nothing can match the beauty and splendor of precious metal rings for your man. These include gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
Wedding BandsThese precious beauties may cost you more, but they come with multiple benefits. Here is why you must spoil your man with these precious metal wedding rings:

Easy to Resize

The contemporary metals such as titanium or steel may have taken the world by storm, but you cannot resize them for your man if required. However, you can resize his ring made of gold, platinum, or silver if your husband’s ring size changes in the days to come. It also makes sense when you are out shopping for his wedding band that he will wear daily. You might be wondering how a ring size can change? Yes, it does in the years to come. A ring made of gold or platinum is expensive and you cannot expect your man to wear it for a few days and keep it aside if it does not fit him later.

Old Is Gold

You remember the popular adage, “Old is Gold.” The same rule holds true for your man’s wedding band. We recommend that you choose yellow gold that is not only traditional but also extremely valuable. It dated back to the ancient Egyptian era. Gold is timeless and used for centuries in many cultural ceremonies owing to its rarity and value. So if you want to make your man feel proud, gift him a gold wedding band.

Though gold is the favorite of men and women alike, the other precious metals like platinum, silver, and palladium are still extremely precious and conventional choices than modern metals like cobalt chrome, and titanium. Imagine your man flaunting a dazzling white platinum ring on his finger. You can picture in your mind the metal’s rich color, texture, and silvery shine. Yes, it will look stunning on the groom because platinum renders a consistent white shine sans any rhodium plating. The precious metal is also preferred for its unmatched gleam, corrosion resistivity, and hypoallergenic properties.

If your husband loves the white look of platinum, but find it exorbitant, do not worry. Pick out something in palladium or sterling silver because both metals will prove easy on your wallet. Palladium is akin to the platinum group of metals that is more durable and lightweight than platinum. Sterling silver is an affordable choice when it comes to men’s wedding bands for his D-day. Buy him a high-quality sterling silver ring if he loves to wear something more durable and tarnish-proof.

Easy to Repair

You can repair all kinds of wedding jewelry, at least to some extent, if they’re damaged or decayed over the years. You can easily find an experienced jeweler who specializes in restoring damaged wedding rings designed from traditional and valued metals like gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. Your jeweler can easily restore these precious metals whether the process involves doing up the ring’s original shine, reshaping the jewelry, or enhancing the look of the ring with additional stones like diamond, emerald, or ruby. If you have chosen contemporary metal rings like steel or cobalt chrome, you cannot restore them after a certain point.

Precious Heirloom Jewelry

Your man may want to pass his wedding ring to his son when he plans to tie the knot. These rare jewelry pieces made of valuable metals pass from your generation to your next. Although you can pass on a wedding ring made of cobalt chrome or steel to your son, traditional metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are the best option if you want to pass them to your kids or grandchildren as an heirloom when they grow up and prepare to wed. And you can resize these metal rings if they do not fit your son or grandson in the years to come.

Valuable Investment

Men’s rings made of precious metals are truly valuable. The price of precious metals has been growing steadily over the years. Platinum, one of the priciest metals used as wedding jewelry has real worth. However, considered as a volatile investment, you need to watch out for the market trends for platinum if you want to use it as a future investment. Besides the jewelry sector, the expensive metals are used in different industries. Based on the current manufacturing requirements, the price of the metal may shoot up or dip. No matter what precious metal you pick out, purchasing men’s wedding ring as an investment makes sense if you factor in the purity of the material. Look for higher gold karats such as 18-karat or 22-karat. If you choose pure 24 karat gold for your man, it will usually be too soft to wear as a wedding ring. For platinum and palladium, 950 or 95 percent is considered pure, which is ideal for future investment.


Now that you know about the manifold benefits of men’s wedding rings made of precious metals, surprise him before the big day. Pamper him the way you want. He will be head over heels in love with you when you gift him a special gold or platinum ring for the day. He will treasure the jewelry for years and love you eternally.

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