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Food additives or supplements are products which comprise one or more essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, medicinal herbs, amino acids, concentrates, metabolites and extracts.

On the market the supplements are present in many forms, such as tablets, capsules, powders, liquids and gels.

What are food Supplements?

The components of each supplement can compensate the lack of food which can be extremely useful. Note that the supplements are not substitutes for the nutrients that we can import though the natural food (not saying that the supplements aren’t natural).

Those concentrates and extracts contain higher amounts of certain ingredients compared with the ingredients in their natural form (food). By using supplements you cannot offset the needs of food in which are present all the important ingredients?

Their use is desirable for different reasons, and one of them is that by importing classic food in the organism one athlete can actually import all the necessary substances his body needs. Considering the functional separation, supplements can be used in order to: ·

Antioxidants are the most important supplements for each and every athlete, including: selenium, pycnogenol, lycopene, beta carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, alpha acid, and coenzyme Q 10).

Why do athletes take Supplements?

Active and professional athletes take supplements for the following reasons: –

  • To meet the increased need of nutrients-
  • To improve the physical performance of the body-
  • To increase strength and endurance-
  • To shorten the recovery-
  • To alleviate symptoms of intense training-

To improve hydration It should be emphasized that there is a big difference between “ordinary” people who are dealing with everyday activities such as going to work, cleaning the house and the active athletes.

Going though intense workout is very physical, metabolic and psychological stress on the body. At the time your body goes though an intensive training the organism is facing major changes and it asks for big accommodations.

Because the athletes are in high needs of food that they can use as their energy, that means they need more food rich in the right nutrients.

This is especially needed if there is an intense training or match, because there is the oxygenation process of tissues and stations and there is a huge amount release of free radicals. This means that the antioxidants must be permanently present and their combination is even more desired.

Under the pressure of increased body demands, the tissues and organs are used to more damaging and are in need of regular “reparation” and recovery process.

It is suggested that the athletes should use supplements that are already proven and are not bad for the organism while in the same time they provide great results. Make a selection and use the supplements sparingly.

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