Why Married People Put on Weight and How to Curb It

When you first met your wife, it was love at first sight. You couldn’t believe how fast your heart started beating. You were slim and fit, but you had to such your stomach in just so your packs could appear more pronounced, and she would be tempted to steal glances too.


She looked everything like the girls in the Playboy magazines you hid under your bed as a teenager. Slim, sexy, flat tummy, long silky hair, and oh, if she remained like this forever, the entire world would envy you and always remind you of how lucky you are to have a lady with such a perfect body.

All that was three years before you tied the knot. Now she answers your last name and lives in your house. After all, you promised for better for worse so sharing your privacy with the lady you fell in love with is a small price to pay.

But when she begins to grow rounder, and you begin to grow rounder also, you start to ask yourself the funniest question as you compare how you both look now to how you looked when you were dating.

Everyone tells you how beautiful it is to get married, but nobody remembers to mention the part where marriage brings with it a lot of fat. Here is how you can prevent married life from making you look like an overfed teddy bear.

The couple thing

When people date for a long time, they start to look like each other, and the resemblance thing gets even stronger when they get married. At least it’s what people say and what a few of us have noticed. But, sometimes when I see married people, the only resemblance I notice is the growing pot belly they have.

I mean, sometimes we want to believe it’s a thing for the ladies, only but the men turn out to be passengers of the same train their wives are on. A recent study by the American Journal of Human Biology reveals that people who are married are more likely to put on excess weight than singles.

The most intriguing part of the postnuptial years is that the older the couples get and remain married, the more weight they gain. How can you avoid plumping up as a married person, why will you even put on weight at all, how do you defy the odds?  Let’s check out a few tips.

The diet struggle

One beautiful thing that comes with marriage is sharing. You share everything and anything. You share your life, you share your money, and you share a house, kids, and food. The food sharing part is where your weight gain problem begins.

Married men whose wives are good cooks end up eating huge servings, and their wives join in the binge. Men naturally possess more body mass than women so they can consume more calories without having to bother about weight gain.


The muscles that men have to help them to burn off more energy even in their sleep than women burn when they are active. So maybe you should eat a little less and try to fight off the temptation of digging into the second serving of food because your husband is digging in.

Can you keep your eyes on the size?

You have to pay attention to the number of calories in every serving you help yourself with. Instead of eating out of the same plate, dish your own food in the kitchen and make sure it’s smaller and let your husband help himself out of the serving dishes.

If you must eat out of the same plate with your husband because he hates to eat alone, make sure to reduce the carbs and double up on low-calorie foods.

For richer or poorer, for bigger or smaller

As we stated earlier, the longer you are married and the older you get, the more weight you pack on and guess what? At some point, it seems like it doesn’t even matter because your man or woman isn’t going anywhere so you just might want to let yourself go.

Don’t let the assurance that comes with the passing years blind your eyes to the sexiness of other married people who are as old as you. It is true that your spouse loves you regardless of your size.

But, when you make conscious efforts to look good and make them feel like you might get attention from the opposite sex because of how well you take care of yourself, you just might have found a way to keep your union feeling like the very first day you met every day.

Take stock of how much weight you lose and gain

Whether you choose to admit it or not, weight gain causes a lot of marital problems. It could reduce sex drive, cause health problems that could cause stress, cause infidelity issues, and more importantly body-image problems.

When you can pay attention to how much weight you gain, you would be able to take steps to shed excess weight. You can take advantage of the beautiful and affordable African waist beads that are great for keeping tabs on weight gain; you can learn more about how to watch your weight with waist beads here.

Busy schedules and eating dilemma

For couples who are mostly working, eating out and ordering food is a life saver especially when there are kids in the picture. You tend to consume more calories when you eat from dinners than when you cook your food at home.

Research by the University of Boston showed that people who ate out more took in almost 32% more calories than those who ate out only once a week.


Reduce restaurant visits and make out time to cook at home. It would be great to draw a weekly meal plan that will help you prepare meals that are low on calories for your family. If you must eat out, order carefully, so you don’t load up on too many carbs

If you and your spouse have become a couch potatoes couple, it means the both of you will be spending above two hours in the evenings watching TV and munching on snacks that are high in calories. The result of this innocent unwinding time you have daily is a weight gain of up to nine pounds.

Yes, you can watch TV with the love of your life and cosy up on the couch, but it is healthier to do so without munching on potato chips.  Do some healthy activities before dinner time. Ride bikes, run around a little, take a walk, or just do a little work out as a family.

Resist temptation

Your husband or wife is not the only person who can potentially tempt you to eat more than you should. Those nice co-workers and friends of yours who are quick to offer you food and snacks are lovely people, but they can help you gain all that weight you are trying to avoid.

Finally, enjoy your marriage and keep things spiced up with terrific sex. Take yoga classes so you can be fit and flexible to try as many sex positions as possible. This will help you to burn some calories and keep your spouse wanting more of you.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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