Pre-shave oil is nowadays often used by people before shaving. It is applied before using a shaving soap or shaving cream. It helps moisturise the skin while protecting it from razor burn and irritation.

It can be particularly useful when travelling if you are uncertain as to the water quality, and protect you from its harmful effects.

When choosing a pre-shave oil it is best to choose on that possesses all-natural ingredients and has no chemical that might cause side-effects.

Long term use of pre-shave oil with artificial chemicals can cause the skin to be inflamed among other side-effects. Check the number of ingredients mentioned in the bottle, if there are more than nine ingredients it is likely that artificial ingredients have been used.

Use of natural and organic ingredients can provide valuable nutrients to the body through regular application of pre-shave oil.

The pre-shave oil should ideally be thin and not viscous. Thicker oils risk clogging the razor blade and may be more difficult to remove from the skin.

A good pre-shave oil having natural ingredients is able to provide a moisturising effect on the skin. This makes the skin soft and supple, while also being more amenable to shaving. A well moisturised skin is easier to shave than one which is dry.

It reduces the likelihood of the skin being cut during a shave and also helps facilitate a smoother and easier shave. The best pre-shave oils penetrate the skin in order to make it more supple instead of simply sliding over it.

These benefits come to the fore during the winter, when the skin is drier than usual and especially susceptible to being cut during a shave.

In contrast to this, there is a decreased incidence of cuts during the summer because the skin is naturally well moisturised. It can bend easily without breaking.

The reason why pre-shave oils work is not so much because they lubricate the razor blade, but rather because they moisturise the skin, maximising its suppleness. This suppleness lasts even after the shave.

The benefits of a good pre-shave oil clearly show that regular usage of pre-shave oil leads to a considerably improved shaving experience.

While pre-shave oil can be used effectively in different seasons, it delivers the best results during dry weather accompanied by low humidity, especially in the winter.