Why E-Cigarettes Are Better For You And Your Wallet

Tobacco Cigarettes have been around for decades, and their cost has always been a nuisance. Aside from cost, they are most definitely not beneficial to your health. Adding to that list, once you start smoking cigarettes, it is rather difficult to stop.


As we go on, it seems like more and more of a hassle to smoke old-fashioned, tobacco cigarettes. There is a solution though, and it is called Disposable Electronic Cigarettes.

Now for many people, this may not be appealing, but before you decide to look the other way, check out some of the benefits listed below.

  • Cost
  • Health
  • Convenience

Cost: Cartridge VS. Pack

Usually, the average smoker will spend anywhere from $20 to $50, if not more, on cigarettes per week. Adding these numbers, that could total up to $200 per month and $2,400 per year! From that perspective, it seems idiotic to spend that much money on cigarettes when you could make an investment in an e-Cigarette Starter Kit and spend MAYBE $10 to $30 dollars per month, depending on how strong you crave nicotine.

Alongside these electronic cigarettes, you can find e-cigars and e-Hookah Pens depending on your style. Another chunk of change that stays in your pocket is that price of all the lighters and ash trays that you are no longer required to purchase. So far, it seems like the smarter, both financially and stylistically, choice is e-cigarettes.

Health: Tobacco VS. No Tobacco

One of the most beneficial aspect of smoking e-cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes is that it is much better for you to smoke doctor approved e-cigarettes than to smoke doctor despised tobacco cigarettes. Smoking e-cigarettes can also save you multiple trips to the hospital, which in turn saves you more money. Imagine this:

One morning, you decide to smoke a cigarette on your way to work. In doing so, you are required to:

  • Avert your eyes from the road looking for cigarettes.
  • Pull one out of the pack.
  • Fumble with your lighter so you can light your cigarette.
  • Finally, you can enjoy your cigarette.

But what if you drop that cigarette and burn yourself? There could be doctor bills and car insurance could rise if you swerve off the road trying not to get burnt, all for one cigarette. With an e-cigarette, there is no lighting, no panicking if you drop it, and no long process before you enjoy your favorite flavored nicotine.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes: Convenience

Smoking is not just costly, it is also inconvenient. There are many drawbacks to smoking cigarettes and living through your day-to-day life comfortably.

Since e-cigarettes are usually some form of metal, they are much more durable. Also, you can simply take one or two puffs of an e-cigarette instead of lighting and wasting an entire cigarette. Already, you have a great combination of cost-effectiveness right there.


Conclusion: Why You Should Invest In E-Cigarettes

  • They will improve your finances
  • You will be healthier
  • They are much more convenient

Investing in e-cigarettes is a wiser choice than wasting money on tobacco cigarettes. If you are still not convinced, look at your overall life. How often do you find yourself wishing that cigarette money had not been spent?

How often do you find yourself short of breath after quickly exerting yourself? How often do you find yourself not being able to smoke inside your favorite restaurant due to peoples’ fear of second hand smoke? Worry about these problems no more after investing in electronic cigarettes.

This article is for informational/educational purposes only. Healthtian does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, read more.


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