Who doesn’t like tasty food? Almost everyone. These delicious foods come at a price, though, a price of deterioration of health. Nowadays, everyone is so busy with work that they have no time to dedicate towards eating proper meals throughout the day. That is where the concept of fast foods come in. They are called so because they are easy to cook and can be made fast. The problem is they are loaded with a lot of stuff that is bad for almost all the systems in the body. Due to its amiable taste, even kids like it a lot. Who are they to blame, as they are not aware of the health implications?

Therefore, it is common for the moms to step in and stop their kids from overindulgence. They have a very good reason indeed. These junk foods are loaded with sugar, carbohydrates and fat with absolutely minimal nutritional values. They have a detrimental effect on your digestive system, oral health, respiratory system etcetera.

Your ability to concentrate and perform with your work is also affected drastically. All these reasons should be convincing enough as to why mothers are very particular about making their kids avoid junk food. A few of the reasons have been elaborated in the following article.

Junk food may cause tooth decay

One of the primary causes of tooth decay is the accumulation of food debris on the surface of the tooth, which are a source of nutrition for the microorganisms and it causes the demineralization of the tooth structure. Junk food is sometimes sticky and gets adhered to the tooth too tenaciously to be removed by brushing. The carbohydrate content is also generally high, making it convenient for the bacteria.

These bacteria produce an acid which helps in the destruction of the tooth. All these factors make junk food primarily responsible for the decay of tooth. If you follow a proper brushing method two times a day and supplement it with charcoal paste, it might be able to remove all the bacteria and other microorganisms effectively.

Junk food may cause oral diseases

This point is to stress on the above point a little bit more as junk food not only affects your teeth but your oral health as well. The gums get severely infected and start bleeding on touch, leading to something called periodontitis. If not taken proper care, this may even spread up to the bone causing severe infection.

Some components of junk are slightly carcinogenic and have been known to cause several forms of oral diseases. Thus, it is very clear now that decay of the teeth is not the only thing you need to worry about, your entire oral cavity is under threat.

Junk food is difficult to digest

Junk food contains a lot of complex carbohydrates which are not broken down easily. Even when they are broken, they get converted into glucose which increases the sugar content in the blood. The pancreas stimulates more production of insulin to regulate the sugar levels which is fine if you are healthy enough but otherwise, the load on the digestive system is a lot.

It has no fibers, which are instrumental in aiding digestion and also contains fats which may become stored subcutaneously. Thus, your digestive system goes for a toss on excessive consumption of junk food.

Junk food increases the risk of calories

Calories are something which you need to regulate to watch your weight and maintain certain systemic health. Too much of calories is not only detrimental to your appearance but also plays a major role in disrupting your cardiovascular system by blocking the blood vessels to and from the heart by forming a layer on the inside.

One food that is loaded with calories is the junk food. Once you start consuming them on a regular basis, you start taking in more calories than you can burn throughout the day. They get converted to fat and get stored in the body at the most obnoxious places, increasing chances of heart diseases, diabetes mellitus in the process as well.

Junk food may lead to fatigue

There are actual scientific researches to prove this claim. One study showed that people who ate junk food continuously for five days had poorer cognitive abilities and work efficiency than the group consuming normal healthy food. Junk food has certain substances that cause an inflammation of the hippocampus area of the brain which leads to the feeling of fatigue and tiredness too easily.

Another reason could be that all the nutritional requirements of the body are not met by junk food, and thus, the sources of energy are also dwindled maximally, leaving no energy currency for the cells. This feeling of fatigue is reflected in your performance in your workplace as well.

Now that you have browsed through some of the most important reasons for junk food, it must have had made you realize why mothers say no to junk food. At the end of the day, they are concerned only about the well-being of the child.

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