While the term ‘back pain’ often conjures images of the elderly, and those in wheelchairs or using walking frames, the startling truth is that this ailment is now affecting as many young people as it is old; back pain, it would seem, has become something of a modern concept, reflecting the ways in which lifestyles have changed for the worse.

Can anything be done to prevent the steady increase of back problems in the young and otherwise healthy, or is it something that every person should come to expect much earlier than they’d ever have imagined?

Back pain as a modern ailment

No longer a complaint that affects the old and infirm exclusively, back pain is now increasingly linked to those in their twenties and thirties, perhaps due to incredibly bad habits that are encouraged by modern living.

It’s no secret that the majority of the American population is leading a more sedentary lifestyle than its predecessors, for example; early onset back pain is often attributed to being overweight, and a portion of the nation is certainly doing less exercise than ever before.

Modern living has contributed to back pain in another way, too; people are now spending more of their working day hunched over a desk or in front of a computer, and plenty of downtime slouching on sofas and chairs in front of televisions and games consoles, meaning that they’re paying less and less attention to the stress they’re putting on their spine.

Coupled with a penchant for lifting heavy objects with little regard for their health, and the inevitable damage and deterioration that naturally occurs in spines during a person’s 20s and 30s anyway, and it isn’t hard to see why so many people are suffering pain much earlier in life.

Excellent back care for those of any age

As the old saying goes prevention is always better than cure, and it’s no use waiting for back pain to occur before doing something about it; people need to be taking care of their backs long before anything goes wrong.

The good news, though, is that maintaining a healthy back isn’t difficult at all, and fits rather nicely alongside a normal, wholesome lifestyle. First thing’s first; degenerative changes in the spine aren’t necessarily causing immediate danger, and should never be a reason for a person to neglect other aspects of their health.

Chiropractors can be great professionals have around from a relatively young age, providing answers to health-related questions, and helping people to escape the ill-effects of natural deterioration in their backs. Consulting a well-regarded establishment such as Healthquest Chiropractic, for example, will provide peace of mind, excellent advice, and several tips that can be worked in to a person’s daily routine.

Chiropractors are also ideally positioned for advising those who spend the majority of their time sat down; maintaining an excellent posture is absolutely vital for a healthy back, and ergonomic furniture and regular stretches can both assist a person’s quest to take care of themselves.

There are, of course, even simpler ways for Americans to keep their backs healthy, starting with diet and fitness. Eating a nutritious diet and partaking in regular exercise will promote healthy bones and muscles and give the body everything it needs to repair itself, as well as strengthening the bones and helping to maintain an ideal body weight. It’s also essential for anybody that’s body-conscious to either quit smoking and drinking alcohol, or vastly reduce the amount of time they spend partaking in such pursuits.

The toxins that are found in alcohol and cigarettes can cause extensive damage to the nervous system, reducing the body’s ability to heal itself. What’s more drinking to excess can increase a person’s chances of being involved in an accident, or injuring their back during a moment of merriment.

Anybody that thinks back care is only applicable when they’re awake is in for a shock; even a mattress can have a lasting impact on a person’s back. Orthopedic mattresses, and those that mold to support a person’s body as they sleep are a fantastic investment, making sure that good posture is maintained even during the most relaxing moments of the day.

There’s little doubt about it; modern living is having a devastating impact upon the nation’s backs and ensuring that ailments, such as back pain, are hitting home earlier than ever before. While it’s easy to blame technology and lazy lifestyles for poor posture, and pain, it is possible for a person to take control of their own well-being and ensure that such conditions don’t happen to them.