When you have done all the exercises and ate the right diet to get rid of some fat in your body and it has not happened so, liposuction becomes a perfect solution. Ideally, liposuction is a cosmetic process that is applied to remove that fat from your body.

This procedure is normally conducted by plastic surgeons on people’s hips, thighs, buttocks, belly or face with an objective of improving their shape. The liposuction procedure can also be conducted along with other plastic surgeries such as breast reductions, facelifts, and tummy tucks.

The question of the type of liposuction suitable for you is not new. Doctors get to hear it quite often. There are new procedures that are believed to be more effective than conventional methods but haven’t been proven scientifically with that regard. Every approach has its advantages and disadvantages.

Ideally, the most important factor to consider in your liposuction surgery is the track record and expertise of the service provider. It is therefore important to go for a well-known and respected cosmetic surgeon from Liposuctionsydney.com

Different Liposuction Procedures

Tumescent liposuction is the commonly used procedure because it has been around for the longest time. During this process, a local anesthetic is applied to the desired area and then a fluid injected with an objective of shrinking the blood vessels in that region and then cause an expansion of the fat cells.

After that, small incisions are made followed by the insertion of a cannula, a long rod-like tool used to remove the fat cells through a vacuum suction procedure.

You should not be worried if you experience temporary swelling and bruising after the process. Tumescent liposuction is the original method of liposuction and when done right, it yields the best results with minimal risk. The fat removed in this procedure remains intact and can be inserted into other body parts such as the buttocks or face as desired.

Laser and power-assisted liposuction. These procedures along with others like Ultrasound (VASER) and BodyJet (water) are the newest versions of liposuction. They work by liquefying the fat more than the conventional approach. In that case, the fat removed cannot be used elsewhere.

The process is said to be effective with less blood being extracted along with fat being removed. However, these claims have not been substantiated scientifically.

Due to the extreme measures applied in the fat liquefication process, and the much-needed precision, these alternative procedures come with many risks especially in damaging body nerves, tissue, and skin. There are a lot of things to experiment with these new methods and for it to work for you, the service provider should have used it for some time in the past.

The procedures need a lot more time than the traditional approach. The conventional tumescent liposuction procedure is commonly applied by doctors. However, the laser liposuction is occasionally used to deal with risky skin flaccidity cases. It provides some slight advantages when there is loose skin that needs to be tightened.

Requirements for Liposuction

Of course, there are underlying requirements needed to make your procedure successful. To be realistic, don’t expect liposuction to remove cellulite. Being a surgical procedure, liposuction is a risky processes hence the need to be in good body health prior to undergoing it.

First, you should be within the recommended body weight, about 30% of your ideal body weight. Again, make sure you don’t smoke. Lastly, you need a firm and elastic skin. If you have issues with blood flow, a weak immune system, diabetes or heart disease, it is unlikely that any doctor would conduct the procedure on you.

Which of these is the best Liposuction Option for you?

Ideally, the new liposuction procedures have proved to be equally effective and safe. However, if you want to graft the removed fat in other body parts, then tumescent liposuction is the best option to use. The issue is not on the machine and technique used but the surgeon handling the operation.

If you fear for your body, consider tumescent or the suction-assisted liposuction because they have been used for long. High definition, ultrasound, laser, and power-assisted techniques are normally applied occasionally to help with the liposuction procedure.

The Bottom Line

The conventional and new liposuction techniques have proved to be effective, yielding great results at minimal risk. Therefore, none is better than the other.

However, you need to be sure of the surgeon conducting the operation. Results are at times dramatic and therefore, it is important to maintain an active lifestyle to keep off any fat in the body.