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Where to Save a Third on Dental Implants in Mexico?

If you want to make big savings on dental implants Mexico is an option you should be considering. The country is so vast, and with a variety of locations to choose from there’s bound to be one to suit your circumstances.

Dental implants are the best tooth replacement options available, providing a permanent solution to lost teeth. It’s little wonder they are the preferred choice over other options, such as crowns and bridges or dentures. However, even though dental implants are functional replacements for teeth they are considered by insurance companies to be cosmetic treatments, and are therefore not covered by the majority of providers.

So, anyone wanting them are faced with a dilemma—pay for whole cost, don’t replace the missing tooth or go for one of the other tooth replacement treatments. The problem is, the other tooth replacement options are inferior to dental implants, and very much seem like a consolation prize.

The cost of dental implants is very much an issue for Americans, as they are one of the most expensive dental procedures around, costing around $3,900. However, in Mexico dental implants cost only a third of the price at $1,300, making a trip south of the Border a worthwhile investment—either specifically for the dental implant procedure, or as part of a vacation to Mexico.

Good Quality Facilities

Fortunately, Mexico’s renowned tourist locations are also geared up for dental tourists, with a wide choice of good-quality clinics providing comprehensive dental care at low prices. While prices are favorable in Mexico, it’s not only the cost of treatments that international patients are concerned with.

There is no point saving on dental care if the treatment is sub-standard, which is why it is always advisable for patients to do their own background checks into the suitability of dentists and clinics. But, it is worth pointing out that clinics offering services to international patients tend, on the whole, to be reliable.

Dental tourism is well-established in Mexico and it is an important part of the economy. Many clinics continually reinvest money to ensure they remain at the top of their game with the newest technologies and most-up-to-date facilities to ensure patients are kept happy, so no matter where you choose in the country you should have no problem receiving the highest quality care.

Where you travel to in Mexico largely depends on what your own preferences and what your expectations of being a dental tourist are. Some people prefer to have a two-week vacation at a popular beach resort; others a city break and there is also the third option of visiting a clinic just over the Border—great if you are short on vacation time, or you just don’t want spend it on a trip for dental work. The plus point is that if you are looking for good-quality dental implant clinics in Mexico, you’ll find plenty of locations throughout the country.

Cancun – The Vacation Location

Cancun is Mexico’s most popular tourist location, receiving visitors from around the world. With pristine, white beaches and turquoise waters it offers water sports; land-based activities, including golf; shopping; restaurants; bars; a buzzing nightlife and the other unique attractions of the Yucatan Peninsula, including the cenotes and Mayan archaeological sites, like Chichen Itza.

Cancun may be the stereotypical tropical beach resort for a dental tourism vacation, but if enjoying a relaxing holiday while you get your dental care is important, then the City delivers.

Mexico City – The City Break

If you’ve only got days rather than weeks, or you’re not really a beach resort lover, then the city location may appeal. Mexico City is the nation’s thriving capital, brimming with culture, history and a foodie scene to rival any.

For dental patients who are visiting for dental implants, there are plenty of things to see and do in the city in between dental appointments: stroll around the Historic Center’s colonial architecture, check out cool neighborhoods, sample street food, visit the Templo Mayor—the main temple of the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlán; enjoy the peace of Coyoacan Park, watch the world go buy at Mercado Roma and marvel at the intense blue painted walls at Museo Frida Kahlo.

Algodones – The Border Town

Most Americans have probably heard of Los Algodones by now, even if they haven’t visited. However, around 30,000 make their way over the Border every day—mainly for dental care because it’s convenient and cheap.

The town is the northernmost town in Mexico and only 7 miles from Yuma. But, there are over 300 dentists all plying their trade within a few blocks of the Border, making it a premier center for dental tourists. Many people tend to drive to the Border, leave their cars on the US side and walk over into town. It’s perfect if you live near the Border, or only want to go to Mexico on a day trip, although there are hotels in town if you need to stay over.

It’s easy to save on the cost of dental implants in Mexico, and even if you go on a dental tourism holiday and need to pay accommodation and flight costs, the likelihood is that you will still save money, compared to if you’d stayed at home for the procedure.

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