In today’s fast-paced world, you can easily know whether a date is headed to relationship territory. “Perhaps you’ve been on a handful of dates and you’re wondering where you stand, sometimes you just don’t know if you are just hookup up on in a serious relationship” Says Katherine L. Armstrong, sex and dating expert from

Here some of the obvious signs that your dating is turning into a serious relationship and not just a hookup.

They give you their undivided attention

A serious partner will give you lots of undivided attention. No more playing on the phone when talking or looking over your shoulders.

But because 80 percent of communication is non-verbal, you should close attention to posture and eye contact. The way they interact with you will give you an idea if they are genuinely enjoying your company. It’s okay to be nervous in the first few meetings.

If they can’t remember what you said after a couple of dates, they are not serious. It’s that simple.

When a date is heading into a serious relationship, a partner will always listen to you when talking. While some will try to avoid emotional talks, it’s important that you sit down and evaluate where your relationship is heading. A date that is heading to a relationship pays attention to your likes and dislikes of both parties.

They introduce you to their parents and family

If your lover introduces you to their mother, they’re probably seeing you as husband or wife material. They want you to know how cool their mom is. They want to get approval to feel comfortable. This is also a sign that they remain committed to the relationship.

A partner will always take this route if they realize you feel insecure in the relationship. They also want you to start taking the relationship seriously. No man or woman would dare to introduce a date to their parents if they only see their partner as a fuck buddy.

You spend more time with each other

If your partner is spending more time with you, you might be in a relationship without even realizing it. When they take you on a real date, your relationship is heading in the right direction. Here, we’re talking about planning a lunch or dinner date.

It gets better when you set a beach trip to spend more time with each other. Note: we are not talking about having a few drinks with friends or hanging out at their place. This sends a wrong message that both of you just want to get laid. After a serious date, a partner will always do a follow-up.

There’s exclusivity

When there is exclusivity in a relationship, no partner is pursuing other lovers. No matter what stage your courtship is, this could a sign that you have a goal in mind. When a date wants the relationship to be exclusive, they are not ashamed to bring it up.

Exclusivity can happen after a few days or weeks. However, every situation is unique. When you’re in a committed relationship, you’re both happy if you are completely honest about your intentions. Once exclusivity has become part of the equation, your date has evolved into a relationship.

They care about what your parents think

If someone wants to be with you, they will respect your family. After meeting with your parents, they’ll ask whether they like him or her. They will always be ready to make the first impression. If a partner is not serious about you, they won’t care.

They don’t flirt with other people

One great sign a date is turning into a serious relationship is when a date devotes all their attention to you. They will make you feel like you’re the only person in the world. Another good sign is they will call you “my man” or “my girl” when they are in the presence of everyone.

It even gets better if they’re proud to introduce you to their friends. This shows that they have made a serious commitment to you. If you notice your date keeps flirting with other people, that is a red flag that it’s not serious.

They talk about your future together

One indicator that your partner is interested in a relationship is talking about your future together. They’ll talk about things like buying a house before marriage or even your retirement plan. You should also be on the lookout if they say things like having children together.

Other signs that they want to take things to the next level include having an open chat about your goals as a couple. Although sharing your passion together is not the deal breaker, a serious man or woman will show you exactly who they are, and they are sharing because you are indeed in a relationship.

They perform random acts of kindness

If you’re wondering where your relationship is headed, be on the lookout how your partner treats you. A good man will surprise you with your favorite candy and come up with new ways to keep you smiling.

Simple things like setting up your TV cable shows you’re in a serious relationship. Emotional support also plays a big role. Of course, the woman should also reciprocate by being thankful for the support.

They open up to you

If there is no mutual trust in a relationship, the relationship cannot work. When a partner is open and honest, it makes you feel secure. You’ll rarely see an FWB who is comfortable enough to share personal thoughts and past life. This is a clear indicator that they want to be in a relationship with you.

They keep their promises

When a date is serious about you, they don’t want to disappoint you. It’s easy to tell when someone is doing their absolute best not to flake on you. Aside from that, you want to date someone who is genuine when they are around you.

If they promise to take you out after a stressful day at work, they will do it. This shows that they do not want to disappoint you, as your happiness is their happiness. They will listen to your needs, make promises, and try to fulfill them.

They are always in touch

Someone who is serious in a relationship will constantly keep in contact throughout the day. They will call you in the morning, share articles via email, and even send you a goodnight text message. But if they disappear and then reemerge after every few weeks, that’s a red flag they are just looking for an FWB.

When you’re dating someone, it can be challenging to figure out their true intentions. The above tips will help you know if your date is interested in a long-lasting relationship.