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What You Need to Know Before Your First Ultrasound Purchase


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Purchasing an ultrasound machine requires thoughtful consideration for a variety of reasons. For starters, it’s an investment that should be made wisely.


The information below sheds light on what you need to know before buying your first ultrasound machine.

Uses of Ultrasound Machines

Before buying an ultrasound machine, it’s important to understand how it will be used.

While obviously the purpose of this equipment is to make images of organs within the body for evaluation by medical professionals, you need to understand how it will be used within the facility for which you’re buying the equipment.

Why is this important? Because not all ultrasound machines are the same. For instance, there are some models that work great for general imaging, while others are more beneficial in cardiology.

If the machine you’re purchasing will be used for a variety of purposes, you’ll need to choose one that accommodates multiple needs. There are ultrasound machines for women’s health, pain management, urology and so many other medical services.

Required Ultrasound Machine Features

Another important consideration when buying an ultrasound machine is the features that will be required.

There is a possibility that you will need a machine with special features based on the services offered. Here are examples of features that may be required: 3D-4D, realistic depth perception, tissue uniformity, imaging elasticity, quick boot-up, fast processing and so much more.

In addition to knowing which features are needed, you’ll also need to know which type of probe is best.

There are some features that are designed to optimize imaging results, while other features are for the purpose of efficiency.


As technology continues to evolve and advance, there will always be features that are beneficial, but not truly needed. You will need to have clarity in this area, especially if you have budgetary constraints.

The ideal scenario is to find an ultrasound machine that has all of the features that are needed and perhaps a few bells and whistles that are helpful.

There is a possibility of finding a machine that enables different configurations to accommodate varied needs. This is something that can be explored as you examine the different options that are available.

Why Portable Ultrasound Machines Are Necessary


During the selection process, you will undoubtedly see both console and portable ultrasound machines. It’s best to know in advance which one you need so that you don’t waste time looking at equipment that cannot be used optimally.

Having a console is sometimes prudent, but in many instances, there are regrets about not choosing a portable machine.

Reasons why a portable ultrasound machine is likely the best option include being able to transport it between offices and even outside of the office.

If the medical facility where it’s being used provides any type of mobile screening or has multiple locations and a team of medical professionals, using portable ultrasounds may be the only option truly worth considering.

A great way to make the decision is by assessing the different machines that are available based on the requirements and features that you have identified.

If a portable machine can accommodate your specific needs, it may be unwise to choose a console unit. While there are some instances when a console unit will provide more accurate imaging, that is not always the case.


There are robust portable ultrasound machines on the market that exceed expectations.

Should You Buy New or Used Equipment?

Two primary considerations when deciding whether to buy a new or used ultrasound machine are price and quality.

Given the many advancements in technology, buying a used ultrasound machine could mean you’re unable to take advantage of the many features available as a result of innovations in the industry.

Given the critical importance of accuracy and reliability, buying a new machine is often prudent. In the event that you have a limited budget, there are usually options for financing that can help to ensure you’re able to get the equipment needed to provide the best possible medical care.

Choosing the right ultrasound machine isn’t something that you have to do on your own. During the process of finding the right machine, you should ask lots of questions based on the information provided above.

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