Breast Reduction Surgery

Every year, thousands of women and men have breast reduction surgery. It’s a good choice for people with large and heavy breasts that cause neck and shoulder pains.

Are you having breast reduction surgery? It’s normal to be a little nervous before the procedure and to have a lot of questions. Even though it’s relatively common, it’s also a comprehensive and serious procedure that you need to be well prepared for.

Find the right procedure and doctor

If you’re considering a breast reduction, you should do your research – both when it comes to the procedure and the surgeon. The Norwegian-based plastic surgery clinic, Bærum Plastikkirurgi, are leading surgeons in the field.

Here’s what the doctors have to say:

“Breast reduction surgery has some great advantages, but it’s not a small procedure. It requires a highly skilled surgeon for a natural-looking result and minimum discomfort post-operation.” Cosmetic Surgeons Jarl Bunæs and Øyvind Borch Bugge, Bærum Plastikkirurgi.

Keep reading to discover what you need to know before having breast reduction surgery.

What is Breast Reduction?

Many women and some men experience pain and discomfort caused by very large and heavy breasts. Big breasts can cause pain in your back, neck, and shoulder, not to mention the trouble of finding suitable underwear.

For some women, it’s also an esthetic issue, because their breasts are disproportionate to the rest of the body.

Through breast reduction surgery, breasts are reduced in size and sculpted to look naturally shaped. There are different methods of breast reduction depending on how much tissue needs to be removed and all of them result in small scars formation.

What are the Benefits?

Especially for women with very large breasts, having a reduction can quite literally feel like having a weight lifted off their shoulders. It can relieve them from years of troubles with their back, shoulder and neck.

Large breasts can also lead to difficulties with exercising, rashes, and limited clothing options. Some women also experience permanent shoulder grooves from heavy bra straps.

How are Breasts Reduced?

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction is a type of plastic surgery. It may involve removing excess fat and skin, reducing and strengthening breast tissue and correction of shape and appearance. The nipple is usually placed higher on the breast and the pigmented area can be reduced.

After the Surgery

The procedure takes about three hours and most patients usually go home the same day or the next morning. But you’ll likely feel sore and tired in the following days, so you should plan to take a week or two off from work to recover.

You won’t be able to exercise for about a month, but you’ll be encouraged to get up and move around regularly.

The Results

There will be scars after the incision wounds, but they will fade and pale with time. They usually look like circles around the nipples and go straight down to the bottom of the breast with a reversed T-section.

There’s a chance you’ll experience decreased nipple sensation, but this usually gets better over time.

Eventually, you’ll feel a lot better and can start to benefit from the reduction. Most women and men feel a boost in their self-esteem and physical health afterward. Pains from your shoulders, back, or neck will most likely disappear entirely.