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Zika Virus: What You Must Know About Before Travelling

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Are you a thrill-seeker and an outdoor enthusiast? Then it is without a doubt that travelling is a hobby for you. As we all know, there is much fun in visiting and exploring the beauty of nature in different places across the world. However, the fun can turn into a sour experience if we are faced with infections or illnesses.

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To help you have the best travel experience of your life, here are some travel notices that you must put into consideration. Before travelling to a specific country or location, it is important to find out if the country or location is free of the Zika Virus.

In addition to this, you can test yourself to ensure that you are not infected. Thanks to Zika Elisa test Kits,it is now easier to detect the presence of Zika Virus by testing body fluids, serum, plasma and tissue homogenates.

But first, what is Zika virus?

Zika is a virus that is spread to humans primarily through the bites of infected Aedes mosquitoes. People who have Zika show some serious symptoms which include muscle and joint pains, fever, skin rashes, headache or conjunctivitis. Owing to the fact that there are no vaccines or sure treatment for this virus, people who have Zika can experience the above mentioned symptoms for about a week.

Zika Virus is a major concern for the overall health and well-being, especially for travellers. With the virus known to have spread in Africa, Asia, America and the Pacific, it is safe to keep yourself informed about the signs, the symptoms and the prevention.

How to protect yourself from Mosquito Bites when Travelling?

  • Bring an insect repellent with you at all times – whether there is an outbreak or not, it is always safe to be safe. However, do not use insect repellent on young children, the sick or the elderly.
  • Cover as much of your body as possible – pack some long-sleeved shirts and long pants to ensure that you are well covered.
  • Clean or empty any mosquito breeding spots such as water storage containers, roof gutters, flower pots, stagnant waters etc.

How to protect those around you if you have Zika?

If you have Zika, take the initiative to protect others from getting sick. Read on to find out how to keep the people you love healthy and safe from the virus.

Zika virus is found in blood. Therefore, it can be passed on from an infected person to another by mosquito or insect bites. To ensure that you do not spread the virus and infect others, it is imperative that you protect yourself from mosquito bites, especially during the first week of infection.

So, sleep under a mosquito net, wear long-sleeved clothes and long pants and also ensure that you apply insect repellent. By so doing, you will help keep the mosquitoes away and put a stop to the virus spread.

Zika virus can be transmitted sexually. Therefore, it is advisable for people with Zika to abstain, as it is the only sure way that someone doesn’t get infected through intercourse.

However, if you cannot abstain from sex, then use protection during sexual intercourse when you have Zika. As much as the virus is present in blood, it is also highly concentrated in semen. Therefore, if you are a man and you have Zika, ensure that you use protection to help prevent your partner from getting sick.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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