Front Garden Design

With a little effort and a little more inspiration, anyone can achieve a stunning front garden. First of all, you should take into account not just your personal preferences but also the space you have and the time you want to devote to taking care of the garden.

The moment your garden comes to life, the house gets a different look and will surely become much more welcoming. Most often, fragrant flowers are those that enhance the look of the garden, and colorful decorations.

Whether you are looking for big or small front garden ideas, our ideas can suit any garden size and they can help you turn your front garden into an oasis of relaxation.

1. Creative ways to recycle your old items

Do you have at home an old bicycle, a chair or an unused wheelbarrow that broke down and you do not want to throw?

You can turn your old bicycle and rusty wheelbarrow in stunning decoration items. Paint the chosen object in what colors you want, depending on your preference.

Then, add a flower pot or some small decorative statues in the basket of your bicycle or in the wheelbarrow. These details create an exciting atmosphere in the garden. Just give free rein to your imagination. The effect is guaranteed!

2. Climbing plants for wall and fences

The best small front garden ideas are those that explore vertical space, since the horizontal space is limited.

For those of you who love plants we suggest to opt for climbing plants that bloom in full season. They will cheer up the whole house. The facade, fences or side walls will capture the attention thanks to these plants that spread very quickly.

In addition, some of them have a pleasant fragrance. Climbing plants can perfectly frame doors or windows. In addition, white and green forms a strong contrast.

Regarding front garden design ideas, this simple design that consists of placing some hanging plants in your garden can be enhanced by other elements in your garden.

The most important one is the lawn, which must be maintained regularly. If you want to have your lawn neatly trimmed and looking fresh all season, then it’s time to opt for a lawnmower.

Lawnmowers are powerful devices that help you maintain the beautiful look of a well-kept lawn or garden. It’s advisable to opt for an electric or gas powered lawnmower that is both energy efficient and easy to use.

3. Lovely pathways for a front garden

Concerning front garden design ideas, remember that if you want your guests to be impressed, emphasize the alley.

The alley or pathway is the one who “leads” to the front door of the house. Depending on the resources you have available, alleys can get different forms, but the effect will always be the same.

For example, a mosaic alley will transform the front garden into a sophisticated space. If the rustic style is the one you like, then you should avoid rigorous geometric patterns. Instead, opt for a natural design with logs along the way and small bushes.

Sometimes simplicity can be found in the best answers. A pebble alley, which winds through the trees, is a thing of beauty. An alley among flowers and hanging plants above you will turn your front garden into a mystical place.