Every one of us in some phase of our life has suffered from acne, and we do so many researchers and try many different acne treating products to get rid of acne problems. But it is believed by doctors and dermatologists that acne cannot be cured completely. Most of the acne treating products available in the market nowadays are not clinically proven to be the cure for acne.

They come under the category of non-prescribed products i.e. people use them without taking the advice and prescriptions of their doctors which can be fatal for your face. Some of these products may make the situation even worse.
AcneAcne is the most common problems faced by the teenagers. Most of the people ignore acne problems thinking that it’s just a phase, and it will be gone its own. But what people don’t realize is that if acne is not treated on time, it may leave its mark on your face. This will take away the original beauty of your face. Many of us feel embarrassed to go out and meet people because of the acne problems thinking they might make fun of you. This takes away your confidence.

Most of the doctors and dermatologists don’t think acne can be cured because they don’t even know what causes acne. They are just aware of its symptoms but don’t have any idea about the factors which causes them and because of this reason they can’t even tell you the exact remedy through acne can be cured. You can take pills or apply creams to reduce acne, but you cannot completely cure them.

Some facts you should know about acne and why does it occur?

Acne is nothing but the appearance of pimples, cysts, clogging skin pores. It mainly occurs during the teenage and is a cause of reactions in our body to get rid of various bacteria. Acne also is a cause of hormonal changes that takes places in children when they hit the puberty. The whole body gets affected due these hormonal changes in our body and hence give way for the outbreak of pimples, cysts and various other problems related to acne.

Every one of us thinks that once the phase of puberty is passed, we won’t be troubled with acne problems which are completely false. Acne problems are also found in adults, and they are referred to as adult acne. Adult’s acne is mostly found in women because of the hormonal changes in their body during pregnancy and menstrual period. Also when women start or stop consuming the birth control pills, they can get acne problems. Another factor which promotes the growth of acne in our body is being too much emotional in our life. Hormonal changes are expected when you give too much emotional strain on your body.

Many of us go for different acne products available in the market to cure acne problems and what we forget is about the home remedies which can be practiced to completely clear the acne.

Here are some of the tips which you can follow to remove acne completely:

  1. Drinking lot of water can help to clear acne. You should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day to help your body to fight against acne problems. Bacteria and toxins can be removed from our body by drinking plenty of water. These toxins and bacteria are the main cause of acne problems.
  2. A gentle cleanser and exfoliation products, both are essential to clear acne. Through exfoliation, we can remove the dead cells of the skin and hence form a new layer of skin. Wash your face with the clean washcloth and gentle cleanser at least three times a day.
  3. A healthy diet also plays an important part in clearing acne. Vegetables and fruits enriched in vitamin C and A helps in acne treatment. Junk foods should be avoided as much as possible as they contain fatty oils which help in acne outbreaks.
  4. If the infected are is exposed to sunlight, it kills the bacteria causing acne. But make sure you don’t sunburn your skin by too much exposure.
  5. Don’t pick the pimples on your face as it will only make the condition worse and infect more area on your face.
  6. People having long hair should keep them away from the infected areas, and also they should protect their face from dirt. This will keep the infected part clean.
  7. Don’t use too much make ups and use only natural cosmetics which will allow your skin to breathe and heal the acne.

So by following these tips, you can get rid of acne completely. You just have to take these precautions.

Both the acne in adults and teenagers are completely different from each other and hence proper medication is required in both the cases. There are many acne products available in market nowadays which comes under the category of non-prescribed products. These products include moisturizers, cleansers, pimple creams, and astringents.

Here are certain home remedies which can help you to get rid of acne problems:

  1. Garlic capsules: This is most effective way of treating acne. It helps in making your immune system stronger and hence killing the bacteria causing acne.
  2. Kyolic Reserved Aged Garlic Extract capsules: This vitamin capsule is not taken for any medical treatments and plays an important part in treating acne problems.
  3. Burdock and Dandelion roots: Completely herbal treatment, used in the treatment of acne. It helps in killing the bacteria causing acne problems with the help of a very powerful substance known as inulin.
  4. Colloidal Silver: This is an antibiotic used in acne home remedies, and they can be either orally consumed or applied directly on the affected areas.

The above home remedies help in decreasing the cholesterol level in your body, and also they don’t give out any bad odor.

Caring for your skin is important for your appearance and your overall health. Part of skin care is knowing when to get help, and if you suffer from any conditions with your skin you should make a call to your dermatologist.

Author Bio:

Dr Marina Gafanovich is the founder and primary consultant at RejuveNYC, the renowned New York City skin rejuvenation centre. Dr Marina qualified as a medical doctor in 2002. She has extended range of procedures to include laser treatments, including laser skin resurfacing, skin tightening and Botox, Juvederm injectable treatments among others.