You are a healthy young man. You have never been sick in your life. You have an active lifestyle and sex life. Then one night, you suddenly lost the ability to have an erection. What should you do?

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a condition where a man loses the ability to obtain an erection. This is even with the presence of sexual stimulation.

ED doesn’t happen overnight. There are symptoms. Popular symptoms are reduced sexual desire, trouble having an erection and trouble keeping an erection. If you start experiencing these symptoms, what you should do?

Do a Self-Check

There are factors that cause impotence or erectile dysfunction. If you are failing to have an erection recently, do a self-check. Maybe you are drinking alcohol too much. Do you smoke excessively? Do you eat a lot of sweets?

Were you involved in a current accident that could have caused damages to some nerves that control erection? Are you taking a specific medicine with unknown side effects?

Are you having a lot of personal problems or are you suffering from work stress? You might think this is a normal part of your everyday life, but it might be affecting your capability to obtain an erection.

Talk to Your Partner

Long term partners often lose sexual bravado after doing it for years. It can get boring. Maybe you are losing sexual interest because you find your sexual routine boring. Talk to your partner and devise some plans.

Find ways to excite each other again. Go on vacation. Try techniques shared in magazines like Cosmo or FHM. If nothing it doesn’t work, seek medical attention.

Seek Medical Attention

Talk to a doctor. Erectile dysfunction is a taboo subject. Men suffering from this condition don’t feel comfortable talking about their condition with a stranger.

Most men with this condition resort to self-medication. They often take ED drugs immediately to obtain their erection back. However, taking an ED drug might put you at risk if you haven’t talked to a doctor yet.

Remember that you can trust your doctor. They understand this condition and they know how to help you. Just be honest with them and tell your medical history and current condition.

Importance of Having a Checkup First

Since ED is caused by different factors, talking to a doctor can help you determine the real cause of your problem. If it is health related like diabetes or heart problem, your doctor would know. Your doctor can give you the right dosage of medicine to take as well.

Your doctor can give you a proper diagnosis and prescription. ED drug remains to be a prescription drug in most countries because of the risk associated with it. Overdosage of ED drugs such as Viagra or Cialis can cause serious side effects like vision loss and severe headache/stomachache.

Your doctor can also recommend reliable local and online stores where you can get your ED medicine cheaply.

Remember, do not take any ED medication without talking to a doctor.