Being a woman isn’t easy, and it doesn’t matter whether you are single or not. You might love to dirty talk but remember, people can call you a slut before you know it. You might want to express your feelings to your guy, but he may reject you without you having a second chance.

And you might not be able to hit it out with your crush only because you do not know how he thinks or wants. Dating a man isn’t only about sexual prowess but the brain chemistry between you two.

And yet, while you might be wondering about all these, it isn’t the only worry that you would have. For all you know, your boyfriend might be cheating on you – in a way you don’t expect.

Preating: What is It?

What does cheating mean to you? Is it a simple flirty text, sexting, or your bae getting into someone pants? Cheating means different to different people, which depends on the boundaries they set.

This makes us wonder whether there is a phase before cheating, when everything seems fine on the outside but something sinister is happening below the smiles and selfies screaming forever together.

Sadly, such a phase exists, and it is called PREATING, which literally breaks into pre + cheating and takes place right before cheating. During preating, either of members of the couple doesn’t feel too strong about the relationship’s future and takes the initiative to send more flirty messages.

And the person whom they are texting responds with equal interest, they feel adrenaline rush through their bloodstream. In case they are caught red hand, they come up with a solution that makes them sound innocent.

You MAY Want to Rethink What You Want

Preaters are cunning people and tend to take the slow, unnoticeable path that isn’t exactly flirty or sexually charged but definitely indicates that they’ve strayed.

Also, there’s a constant motion of convincing themselves mentally that what they are doing is absolutely fine and that they aren’t cheating at all. Even though they have a chance to take a step back and try to mend the damage, they choose not to.

Rather than putting in the efforts and checking if the person whom they are dating they prefer to stay away. And the worst thing about all of this is – they don’t admit they are doing so.

They don’t even want to understand that no good is going to come out of it and will leave three people damaged. These people make straying away from a loyal partner almost instantly and can be influences of watching their parents do it, fear to commit to someone for a long-term, and out of compulsive nature.

What is the Solution?

No one can help them but themselves. Rather than getting excited or tempted over meeting someone new, try giving attention to the person you are committed to.

If don’t see a future among the two, make sure you leave that person on a good note rather than everything turning into a stressful situation with a lot of accusations, hurtful words, and emotion. You don’t have to feel guilty about being attracted to someone because it is a common human characteristic.

Getting caught while preating is very rare unless someone tells your partner, or you are terrible at hiding things or covering up your lines.

If you feel you are hiding something from your better half and already feeling guilty about it, consider it as a cue to step back and deviate from the object (person) of attraction. Remember, it is easy to cheat and hurt someone for your benefit.How would you feel if someone does that to you? Let us know in the comment box below