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What is Laser Eye Surgery?

Optilase is an eye clinic in Northern Ireland that offers high-tech laser eye surgery solutions at fair prices. Laser eye surgery is an extremely effective way of improving one’s vision and doing away with the need to use glasses or contact lenses.

It is estimated that over 30 million people all over the world have undergone laser eye surgery. The treatment is most preferred and recommended as it is more convenient compared to other eye solutions like glasses that require lifetime care and maintenance.

But with laser eye surgery, you can be guaranteed of lifetime normalcy once you are through will all stages of the treatment. The cornea is what allows you to focus on objects that around you and comprehend what they really are. It is located at the front of the eye and it protects the pupil, iris and anterior chambers.

Most people that need glasses or contact lenses to be able to see well can have their corneas reshaped using a cool beam Excimer laser. The laser gently reshapes the cornea in just a few minutes allowing one to focus well without having to use glasses.

What happens before the surgery?

Before you can actually proceed with the eye laser surgery, you will have to go through a consultation with a specialist like one of those found at Optilase.

The specialist will usually examine your eye and note down all the defects before prescribing treatment. Once the problem has been identified and you are in agreement with your specialist, you will then be scheduled for the laser surgery which usually takes just a few minutes to complete.

There is an extensive range of laser treatments to meet individual needs. These include blade-free IntraLase approaches and advanced Customvue WaveFront laser eye approach.

When do you need laser eye surgery?

In a normal situation, when light hits your eye, it becomes focused at a single point on the retina at the rear. In turn, the cornea, which is the transparent part at the front of the eye, together with lens inside the eye, refract these rays of light so that they focus at the correct point allowing you see clearly.

But there are a number of factors that interfere with this process making it difficult for you to see well. In such a situation, laser eye surgery comes in handy to solve the problem.

Be it that you are short sighted (myopia) or long sighted (hyperopia), laser surgery is able to rectify your situation and eliminate the need for seeing aids. Astigmatism, a condition in which the corneas are oval instead of being round in shape also benefits from laser eye surgery.

Astigmatic patients have rays of light hitting the eye focus on numerous points at a go, but with laser treatment, the cornea is reshaped and patients are able to see well.

Why choose laser eye surgery treatment?

Most laser eye surgery clinics will provide patient care and aftercare just to ensure that you are doing well both during the treatment and after.

This means that any abnormalities that may rise during and after treatment are spotted and rectified in good time. In the long run, laser surgery treatment is also cheaper and the results are much pleasant than use of glasses or contact lenses.

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