dry eye

The dry eye syndrome or dry eye can be simply defined as an adverse condition that causes the eye to lack any moisture or lubrication on its surface. For you to feel comfortable, see clearly, and have healthy eyes, your eyes should always have a layer of tears on their surface. The consistent tears in the eye surface have several benefits to your eye such as eliminating any microorganisms, dust, and debris that threaten to damage your eyes.

Whenever you have dry eye syndrome, you are likely to experience and feel some irritation and inflammation, and later on, even scarring may occur. The dry eye condition is very critical since it usually advances and affects other parts of the eyes. It is however curable when handled and treated effectively. In Austin, you can get help from various qualified dry eye specialists who know various methods of treating dry eye syndrome.

What are the symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

  • Red eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Burning sensation
  • Light sensitivity
  • Mucus in or around the eye
  • Sore eyes
  • Heavy eyes
  • Dryness sensation
  • Blurred vision

How is Dry Eye Treated and Prevented

If you have any dry eye symptoms, no need to worry anymore since the condition is curable through various treatment options. Depending on your symptoms an eye specialist can recommend a treatment option that will ensure you feel more comfortable, see clearly and reduce the symptoms. Below are some treatment options that your doctor may recommend.

Eye drops

There are several types of tear eye drops that are designed to ease the symptoms and treat dry eyes. The type of eye drops recommended for one usually depends on what may have caused their dry eye syndrome and how chronic the symptoms are. The artificial tear eye drops for example are usually given to patients with mild dry eye symptoms mostly caused by reading, computer use, and schoolwork.

In case you have dry eye inflammation symptoms, the doctor may advise you to use a lubricant tear eye drop called Restasis or Xiidra. There are also steroid eye drops which are suitable for treating any redness and burning sensation that may be caused by inflammation due to dry eye syndrome. Finally, the Lacrisert is a type of eye drop that is placed under your eyelid and will continuously release the lubricant to the eye in small portions.

Nutritional Supplements

The use of nutritional supplements to treat dry eyes is also an effective method. The most recommended type of supplements for this treatment are those that have omega-3 fatty acids as one of its ingredients. Furthermore, you may choose to consume omega-3 rich foods such as cod, herring, salmon, and sardines. Drinking plenty of water can also be a natural way of reducing dry eyes symptoms.

Warm compresses

Sometimes, the cause of your dry eyes symptoms may be clogging of the meibomian glands. To open up these glands and reduce the symptoms of dry eye, do a warm compress on your eye with your eyelids closed. The warm compress is a more comfortable way of softening your meibum. The most effective warm compress temperature is usually about 108 degrees and should be done 10 minutes twice daily. Varying the temperatures may also lead to the ineffectiveness of this treatment making it hard to use.  

Punctual Plugs

This type of dry eyes treatment works by helping the ayes retain tears for long on the surface. The punctual plugs are placed at the tear drainage ducts after plugging all eye openings on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, and inner eye corners. Covering the tears draining ducts helps to prevent the release of tears and hence ensure a tear film is always on your eye. This reduces symptoms of dry eyes symptoms. Instead of releasing the tears and having a dry eye, the punctual plugs will help your eyes evaporate tears without you developing the symptoms. 

Intense pulsed light

The intense pulsed light is suitable for treating rosacea on the skin and eyelids. This condition usually causes dilation of the blood vessels in the eyelash margin especially in patients with blepharitis. These symptoms also cause dry eye symptoms to develop in your eye. The intense pulse light will therefore help to reduce the inflammations due to dry eye syndrome and reduce the dilation of blood vessels in the eye. For the procedure to be completely effective, you will have to do it consistently for approximately six months. You will also be required to avoid any bright lights for the treatment period since the procedure will make your eyes very sensitive to exposure to light. 


Dry eye syndrome is caused by a variety of factors hence always shows different symptoms in every patient. For this reason, there are several recommended treatments for dry eyes symptoms. You however don’t have to worry because many natural and surgical methods can be used to cure any condition and symptoms developed due to dry eyes syndrome. One particular observation among the eye treatment methods is that you need to be very consistent for a method to be effective and completely treat your condition and symptoms.