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Clitoris – Uses and Functions in the Body

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Many young people venturing into sex may wonder what the Clitoris aka Clit is. While there are many articles mentioning this important organ, not many care to describe what it is.

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The clitoris is a small sensitive and erectile part of the female genitals located at the anterior end of the vulva.

It is a part at the front of women’s sexual organ where women can feel sexual pleasure. It is similar to the penis but has more nerve endings. The clitoris has a hood which is a fold of skin that surrounds the glans of the clitoris.

Size of the Clitoris

Many people, including male and females, mistake the size of the clitoral hood for the size of the clitoris. But the clitoris is only partially visible to the naked eyes.

It is like an iceberg, where the hidden part is actually bigger than the visible part. The average size of the clitoris is 3inchs to 3.5inches in most women.

What Does the Clitoral Hood Do?

The clitoris contains more than 15000 nerve endings and the hood actually exists to protect those sensitive tissues from over stimulation and external irritation.

The clitoral hoods consist of glands that produce a lubricant called “sebum”. The sebum helps the hood to move smoothly over the glans and shaft of the clitoris.

How Can You Find the Clitoral Hood?

To have a better understanding of what the clitoral hood does, you need to know where to find it. The glans clitoris sits inside your outer lips known as labia majora while the clitoral hood is at the very top of the inner lips known as labia minora.

Follow the guide below to know where your clitoral hood is located.

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  1. Take off your clothes from your waist down and get a hand mirror.
  2. Sit on a chair and open your legs putting one leg up on the chair.
  3. Use one hand to hold the mirror between your legs so that you can see your vulva then use your other free hand to pull your outer and inner lips apart.
  4. When you take a close look at the top of your slit, you’ll see a fold of skin that is connected to your inner lips (labia minora). And that is the clitoral hood.

Does the Clitoral Hood React to Sexual Stimulation?

When you are sexually aroused, your glans clitoris becomes engorge like a penis. The swelling is enough to move the hood aside exposing the glans clitoris. But some hood may not react that easily and this could be a sign of clitoral adhesions.

Adhesions forms when skin cells, sebum and bacteria build up under the hood. Washing the hood more diligently can help to prevent or resolve clitoral adhesions.

Tips for Clitoral Hood Stimulation

Either with a partner or solo, you can enjoy the pleasure you crave for and use your hood no matter the size and shape of your hood to your advantage. Here are some tips

Use lubricants: No matter how wet you may be, adding a little lubricant can increase your pleasure and also stop the potential discomfort.

Let the Fingers do the Working: The best way to get most pleasure is exploring with the fingers. Try rubbing the clitoral hood, or rub the clitoris over the hood and even rub the clitoris directly

Enlarged Clitoris
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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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Enlarged Clitoris
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