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Research has continued to illustrate that there are numerous beneficial health effects associated with cannabis. Naturally, the experience will depend upon the individual as well as the purity of the product in question.

It is still worth mentioning that there are several quite tasty ways in which can you maximise the sensation. Surprisingly enough, fruits and legumes play an interesting role and this is largely to do with specific aromas.

Let us look at four specific foods as well as how each one can be used in combination with cannabis and CBD oil in general.


Many feel that consuming nuts and legumes immediately before taking cannabis can have a beneficial effect. Why is this the case? Nuts such as cashews and almonds contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

Cannabinoids will bind to these “healthy” fats and help them to penetrate the blood-brain barrier. Therefore, we can see that nuts are much more than a source of protein alone.

Herbs and Spices

There are actually two advantages associated with consuming herbs and spices alongside cannabis. The first involves their ability to act as a bronchodilator.

In other words, they relax your bronchial tubes so that more smoke can reach the lungs. It only stands to reason that your body will likewise be able to absorb more cannabinoids in this manner.

Another point to mention is that some spices such as thyme, basil and lemongrass contain a chemical known as limonene. Limonene is said to have beneficial emotional effects. This can help to reduce feelings of anxiety, worry and depression.

Black pepper is a useful alternative to consider if you do not possess any of the plants highlighted above.


Why are mangos and cannabis a perfect pair? Mangos contain a substance known as terpene. Terpenes are some of the chemicals which contribute to the strong aroma of cannabis.

These agents will also help to “prime” specific receptors found within the nervous system. The receptors are therefore able to recognise when cannabinoids enter into your system; helping to enhance the beneficial feelings.

Sweet Potatoes

Not only are sweet potatoes excellent foods in terms of their levels of carbohydrates, but their are full of B-complex vitamins. The B vitamin group has been linked to higher levels of serotonin.

This “feel-good” hormone can augment the effects experienced with cannabis. Additionally, sweet potatoes offer an ample supply of vitamin E. Higher levels of vitamin E within the bloodstream have been correlated with lower perceived instances of anxiety.

The good news is that all of these foods are also quite healthy in terms of their nutritional content. These are some of the many reasons why taking them in conjunction with cannabis or CBD oil could be a great idea.

Of course, keep in mind any dietary restrictions or allergies that you may have. There is no doubt that you will enjoy the effects mentioned above, so feel free to experiment in order to find the most tasty option.