Antioxidants are critical to skin health. These power-house molecules protect the body from damage from free radicals.

When someone has free radical levels that are too high, they can experience a range of health issues. But when it comes to the appearance of the skin, free radicals can give away a rough, dull, and wrinkly appearance that’s not entirely tied to the natural aging process.

Fortunately, it is possible to reduce the number of free radicals in the body with antioxidant supplements. But what about for the skin?

The fact is, an effective skincare regimen is left incomplete without the presence of antioxidant protection.

Many less reliable cosmetic companies and skincare companies will try to sell consumers an anti-aging product that doesn’t include crucial levels of antioxidant protection.

In some cases, fly-by-night cosmetic companies will market “antioxidant” products that don’t have any therapeutic traces of the molecules. For consumers who take their skin seriously, it’s vital that they choose an antioxidant product from a reliable private label skincare company.

What is Lipochroman?

Lipocroman is dermatologist and medical-grade antioxidant. Lipochroman offers unparalleled protection from free radical damage.

Using superior, cutting-edge technology, the product is unrivaled in the skincare market today. Many of the products offered from medical-grade skincare company Cosmedical Technologies includes Lipochroman for excellent protection and preservation.

How does Lipochroman work?

Studies on Lipochroman have demonstrated that the ingredient offers a triple protective effect.

There are several types of damaging free radicals – oxygen free radicals, nitrogen free radicals, and carbon free radicals.

Most antioxidant products on the market today do not target all three from doing further damage to the skin, but Lipocrhoman has demonstrated that it targets both oxygen and nitrogen free radicals.

Additional research has found that Lipochroman may also target carbon free radicals for superior protection from premature aging.

What else does the science say?

  • Lipochroman increases cell viability as much as 173% more than vitamin E, resveratrol, and ferulic acid.
  • Lipocrhoman can protect skin from photoactivated pyrene, one of the most damaging air pollutants that is the root of 99% of DNA damage to the skin.
  • Lipochroman is long-lasting, demonstrating superior antioxidative power over BHT after being stored for three months at room temperature.
  • Clinical tests have shown that Lipochroman increases the antioxidative capacity of the skin as much as 36.7% after only one month of use.

So, what can Lipochroman do for your skin?

Unlike other products on the market that are labeled with antioxidative powers, Lipochroman has been scientifically proven to target and neutralize all three classes of the most damaging free radicals.

The ingredient can also shield your skin from pollution, other forms of environmental damage, and sun damage. Free radicals, UV rays, and pollution can cause irreversible damage to the skin’s integrity.

By using private label skincare products that include Lipocrhoman, you can prevent this damage from occurring. Lipochroman also possesses excellent long-term stability.

At Cosmedical Technologies, Lipochroman can be found in VitaSoothe for skin brightening, Ultra Benefits for photoprotection and dark spot correction, and in the Age Reverse System. Consumers can also find Lipochroman in Multi-Complex Night Cream.

It’s impossible to create an effective and age-defying skincare regimen without the power of antioxidants.

Compared to other products on the market, Lipochroman is superior when it comes to protecting the skin from a variety of damaging substances and molecules.

For multi-layered protection from the signs of aging, consider using a product containing Lipochroman and give your skin the care it deserves.