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What are the Different Types of Troubled Teen Programs?

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Though the teen age holds some of the fondest of memories, yet it also accounts for the maximum troubles and ill habits faced and practiced by an individual. The teen years are a tough time both for the parents and kids.

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Teens often have this feeling that nobody understands them and coupled with the curiosity to try out anything forbidden drags them to addiction, violent mood swings, ill attitudes and deformed bonds with parents.

But the teen years are the crucial moments of a person’s life and hence, the parents have to be focused on correctional measures in case their teens are showing signs of troubles or bad practices.

Boot camps

These are short-term rehabilitation programs, usually with a warrior or military quotient attached to them. Structured in tune with the military boot camps, regards to rankings and lingo, these programs often come up with an intense fitness schedule, along with therapy counseling, vocational training and activities.

Wilderness therapy programs

This is one of the most popular troubled teen programs. In this case, the teens are taken to a wilderness setting amidst nature, far away from the usual urban comfort and amenities. The camps are monitored by trained counselors and the teens are asked to accomplish several individual and group tasks.

Rock climbing, hiking, fishing and boating are common activities for the members of a wilderness camp. They learn to be self-reliant and the pleasure of sharing whatever limited resources they have with their camp co-habitants.

The natural setting has shown to improve attention and a sense of calmness. As the teens are made to stay far away from their family, they get closer to their new camp mates and mentors which help in better counseling response.

 Residential Treatment Center

These refer to long-term behavior correctional facilities where the troubled teens receive medical and clinical aide – for different behavioral issues that are affecting their health badly, like substance abuse or eating disorders.

The RTCs come up with structured activities and recreation components that help the tens to modify their bad practices and habits. Both individual and group therapy sessions are a part of RTC. Besides, as these are long-time affairs where the teens have to miss out on their regular schools, the RTC facilities have trained teachers to look after the academic purposes of the teen residents.

Therapeutic boarding schools

These are long-term help facilities for the troubled teenagers which run mostly like schools. These facilities are always bustling with lots of teen students, licensed teachers, regular classes and more. Behavioral therapies, including both group and individual sessions, are imparted multiple times every week.

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Working ranches

These are similar to RTCs, but come with a unique experiential quotient akin to wilderness teen therapy programs. In this case, you have troubled teens staying in a kind of ranch setting for a while where they receive therapeutic opportunities -whilst helping the ranch with agriculture and animals alongside.

Troubled Teen Programs
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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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Troubled Teen Programs
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