Squat is a workout which entails lowering one’s hips. It is done when a person is standing and its benefits are many, making it one of the best workouts for anyone to engage in. It is recommended to do 10-20 squats daily or at least 3 times each week.

Many individuals believe that squats only assist in building strong legs but that is not really the case. Frequent squatting also assists in building muscles in the whole body. You need the upper part of the body to balance and support the bar as well.

Powerful exercise needs abs, back, shoulders and arms to stabilize and lift weights. Engaging in squats is more than a great workout. Keep reading this article to see many other great advantages.

Advantages of squats

Squatting: How to do squats

  1. A person starts by breathing in and pushing his/her butt backward.
  2. The person then maintains a straight back and shoulders, chest, and spine are kept up.
  3. When the person moves downwards, both knees are kept in line with feet.
  4. The person then continues moving down until the hip is below the knees.

Note that you can still benefit even when there are no weights involved. However, bear in mind that the body adapts to exercising so fast. This implies that you may require adding weights on the exercise to have more challenges and gain more benefits.

Also, it is recommended to get a squat rack if you want to benefit more. The rack can assist in loading squats with weights and it additionally has protections that add to one’s calmness and peacefulness.

Forms of exercising: Half-squatting and deep-squatting

Most people do not know whether they should half-squat or deep-squat. Experts recommend squatting deep because that is when one will gain all good benefits offered by a good squat. In fact, half-exercising is highly discouraged.

When you are a beginner you might find it hard to deep-squat but try ensuring that you work towards becoming parallel, for instance, get the hips under the needs.

But try not to stretch and ease your body into it mostly when you are not used to it.

Benefits gained from squatting

1. Anabolic hormones

Bulgarian split squats and all other kinds of squatting help in increasing testosterone and other hormones that help the body grow. These hormones also help the body muscles grow. See below what muscles do squats work?

  • Quadriceps femoris
  • Adductor magnus
  • Gluteus maximus.

2. Burning fat

Goblet squats are among the perfect exercises for preventing fat from accumulating too much. A body that has more muscle will burn high energy all through the day. And this is where squats come in. Since they help in building muscles, they will improve your metabolism with time. This will make you burn calories.

Squatting burns more energy than all other kinds of workouts. So when squatting, you burn a lot of calories.

3. Improving fitness

Barbell squat or any other form of squatting is an awesome way of improving the rate of the heart. Yes it is an anaerobic exercise but the cardiovascular capabilities will in the end improve.

4. Blood circulation

The flowing of blood and expanding of muscles often avoids cellulite by permitting high oxygen and nutrients to move to the most important organs in the body.

5. Improving digestion

Most people overlook this benefit. Even though during squatting you only work the muscles in the legs, you will also be improving the speed of liquid movement in the body. This enhances the effectiveness of the small intestines, thus improving digestion.

6. Strengthening knees

The exercise strengthens your knees and makes than more flexible. This in turn allows more oxygen and blood to move through the body tissues. This also minimizes the risk of getting injured, mostly when engaging in cardio which normally damages joints.

7. Prevents back injury

Most exercises hurt the back and the joints but squatting improves them. Front squat, back squat or any other type of squatting does not require much effort making it perfect for people who have back problems and any other illness that has something to do with the knees and ankles.

8. Affordable

This is another great benefit of this workout. It does not cost much and neither does one require any accessories or equipment, even the hack squat machine is not always necessary. In fact, you can do the exercise at home without having to invest on anything.

9. Improving body posture

Zercher squats and all other kinds of squatting improve body posture and this happens because people workout the entire body. It enables people to walk straight and graciously since it instills physical discipline into a person.

10. Improves people’s lives

Squatting is common in everyday routine and it may be tiresome or even painful if a person does not have the required physical prowess to do it.

So, squatting often will enhance the health of a person and also make his/her daily activities easier to perform.


If you are the lazy type who loves engaging in novoline games and other simple physical activities that have little or no benefits at all, we believe you now know why you should consider this workout.

It can be hard but no other exercise offers such great benefits. Even if you just want to lose weight, squatting is the best exercise. Apart from that, it entails moving naturally, the movements are the same as everyday functional movements.

Write to us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this topic, we are always happy to hear from our readers.

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